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Clallam PUD’s opposition to I-1631: What part of “Utility” don’t you understand?

Clallam PUD Sides with Petroleum Industry in Opposition to Carbon Initiative

by Andy Cochrane, President, Power Trip Energy | Oct 3, 2018

The Clallam PUD board of commissioners has taken the step of publicly opposing Initiative 1631, citing increased operating costs and higher gasoline prices as reasons for opposition.  Clallam County PUD officials say the carbon fee initiative would increase the district’s annual fuel and shipping costs by $20,000 in 2020 and by $51,000 by 2035.  Clallam PUD’s revenue is about $75 million per year, so the initial $20,000 projected increase in 2020 amounts to approximately 0.027% of the PUD’s revenue.

PUD Commissioner Simpson also reportedly was concerned about negative impacts to the PUD from a wider adoption of electric vehicles.  “There’s impact on any utility of upgrading their system to accommodate the charging of batteries for electric cars,” Simpson said.

We suggest the PUD Commissioners look at the migration from gasoline to electricity as major transportation fuel as an opportunity to increase PUD revenues and decrease money leaving the community through gasoline expenditures.  No gasoline or diesel is created in Clallam County, whereas there are over 750 roof top solar arrays producing clean electricity.  Expansions in electrical generation will result in positive local economic activity and prevent money leaving the community for polluting fossil fuels.  The increased revenues can be re-invested in our public electrical infrastructure.  The PUD’s job is to help navigate to a more advantageous position in a cleaner future, not to oppose any change due to fear of increased costs without a vision of the benefits of capturing more of the energy economy locally.

We see many benefits of cutting out petroleum and carbon based industries, while capturing those revenues locally and building a cleaner future.  This is the reason we stand with hundreds of businesses, tribes, unions, and faith-based organizations in favor of 1631.  Learn more about this initiative here http://yeson1631.org

Why is Clallam PUD siding with the petroleum industry in opposition to a carbon fee?  Could they better represent their ratepayers by focusing on the most beneficial way to move forward toward a cleaner future?

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Opinion: Clallam PUD should encourage sun power

“We have three (Clallam PUD) districts and three commissioners elected to that office. In the case of Clallam County, they are elected for six years. That is a long time to hold a public office. It is enough time to become complacent, to not rock the boat, to not stay abreast of the times, to forget the greater good.”


Net metering discussion Feb. 17 – Sequim


Community discussion of the pros and cons of the Feb 1 Clallam County PUD Net Metering rate changes. Learn what the rate change is all about and how it does or does not affect every PUD customer’s power bill. Is PUD threatening the continued development of clean renewable energy from solar power by creating a backdoor method for power companies to not support clean energy and maintain the status quo?

Are environmentalists being inconsiderate and ignoring the effects of electricity rates on their lower income neighbors? Does this disregard hamper those neighbors’ opportunity to help our community transition to clean energy and recognize renewable energy as being in everyone’s best interest?

Discover how the State Solar Fairness Act (SB 6081) would ensure that solar owners own the power they generate, which encourages and supports continued solar power development. Both the State Senate Energy Committee and the Senate Ways & Means Committees voted for this bill. The State Senate must NOW schedule a full floor vote.

Join Richard DeBusman and Paul Hansen on February 17 at the Mariners Cafe in Sequim from 5 to 6:30 p.m. as they lead a broad in depth discussion and answer questions which may help determine the nature of efforts for action now and in the future.



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