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Bill McKibben: To slow down climate change, we need to work together

Activists shut down bank branches in Seattle


Banks: respect the planet & human rights; until then, we’re divesting

By consensus at our Oct. 1 meeting, OCA signed onto the Equator Banks, Act! petition, asking the major banks of the world to live up to their commitment to support people and the planet–it’s time to match their words with actions. The petition is below; you can sign on yourself at equatorbanksact.org.

We also signed on to the bank boycott organized by Mazaska Talks; you can sign on as an individual at https://mazaskatalks.org/move-your-money/

#DefundPipelines • #EquatorBanksAct • #FossilFreeSalishSea​

MAZASKA TALKS PLEDGE: “We pledge to not do business with the 64 banks funding new tar sands projects. Those of us who are current customers of the banks specified by Mazaska Talks pledge to break ties within 12 months, and to inform the bank of our reasons for doing so.”

Equator Banks, Act! Petition
Stop financing Climate Disasters
Respect Indigenous peoples’ rights and territories

This October 23-25, 91 banks will meet in São Paulo, Brazil to discuss their social and environmental commitments under the Equator Principles.

While these Principles are to ensure that adopting banks do not finance projects with a large negative impact on people and planet, Equator Banks continue to support projects that pose a massive threat to the world’s climate, such as coal, oil and gas extraction, transportation and power generation projects. Equator Banks also continue to finance fossil fuel and other projects that trample on the rights and interests of Indigenous Peoples.

We are appalled that the Equator Principles as formulated today allow Equator Banks to finance projects that are a disaster for the world’s’ climate and for Indigenous peoples. For the Principles to be a meaningful sustainability commitment they need to be fully overhauled.

We therefore call on the Equator Principles Association…


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#DeFundPipelines – join us on Oct 23

We are participating in the Mazaska Talks Global Day of Action on Oct 23 with actions opposing banks funding pipelines with branches in Port Townsend, Port Angeles, and Sequim.

Join our planning group!

Sign up for the event here



US Bank Updates its Environmental Responsibility Policy!

People over pipelinesRemember those cold days in February when people in Port Angeles and Sequim were protesting US Bank’s support of DAPL pipeline ?  Well, good news.  US Bank has revised its environmental responsibility policy to state that it will no longer directly fund any oil or gas pipelines! And any relationships with companies/people in the oil or gas industry will be subject to additional checks on the “potential impact on dependent communities and indigenous people.” Activism works!

This Saturday, May 20, from 11am-12 people will be going out to the PA and Sequim branches of US Bank, where we protested, this time to bring flowers and wave signs thanking them for listening to the people. Facebook event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1348163088552428/

Here is an article: http://www.ecowatch.com/us-bank-divest-pipelines-2408440397.html

and their new Policy:  https://www.usbank.com/pdf/community/Environmental-Responsibility-Policy-Web-Final-April2017.pdf

US Bank

OCA’s Message to US Bank Officials

On Saturday, Feb. 25th and March 4, concerned citizens and members of OCA  joined other groups around the country to speak truth to corporate executives of US Bank, which is one of the funders for the Dakota Access Pipeline.  A worldwide movement is calling to divest from these banks if they won’t withdraw their DAPL investments.

Keep it in the Ground

Keep it in the Ground

usbank2-800 usbank3-800Our group engaged –  and was engaged by – the passing public.  It was all good.

There will be another picketing this coming Saturday, March 11, from 11AM to noon in front of the US Bank at 134 E. 7th St. (at Lincoln) in Port Angeles, and at 101 W. Washington St. (corner of Sequim Ave.) in Sequim.

Join us.  Bring signs and dress for the weather.

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Stand for Standing Rock

U.S. Bank, Port Angeles & Sequim

Saturday, March 4, 2017, 11 – noon

In response to the sudden announcement that the Trump administration plans to abrogate the Environmental Impact Statement process and bulldoze the sovereign rights of indigenous people at Standing Rock in order to push the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) through their ancestral lands, OCA, in partnership with the Clallam Progressives and the Racial Justice Collective, will picket outside the U.S. Bank branches in Port Angeles, 134 E. 7th St. (corner of Lincoln), and Sequim, 101 W. Washington St. (corner of Sequim Avenue).  Bring signs and dress for the weather.

U.S. Bank is among a number of banks financing DAPL, and a worldwide movement is calling to divest from these banks if they won’t withdraw their DAPL investments.  Seattle just passed a resolution to divest their accounts at Wells Fargo, another DAPL investor.  In Clallam County, several local governments bank with U.S. Bank.  Such demonstrations and divestment demands are being staged around the country.

This protest is not against our local bank branches, staffed by our neighbors and doing everyday community banking.  Rather, this protest is against their corporate executives, who often follow a very different agenda.  In coming weeks, we will start a dialogue about ethics and investments by individuals and institutions.

Here are messages from Sacred Stone Camp and the #NoDAPL 2017 Action Hub.  There the protesters are risking prosecution, jail, and worse to protect their sacred lands and water, and the water supply of millions.  We quite simply do not need any new pipelines, and the sooner we get onto clean energy, the better off we’ll all be.

Finally, a word from Arnold Schwarzenegger about an offer you can’t refuse!

The case for divestment – Feb. 13


Jim Hallet, financial advisor

Friday, February 13, 3 PM, Elwha Klallam Heritage Center

Are you an unwitting supporter of Big Oil and Coal?  The fossil fuel industry, by spreading misinformation and buying politicians, is arguably the biggest obstacle to avoiding climate chaos.  But many people unknowingly have money invested in these companies.  Now, a movement based on the struggle against South Africa’s Apartheid regime aims to change that.  Local investment advisor and Port Commissioner Jim Hallett will explain why and how to divest your portfolio from fossil fuels.


Photos from the event (18 attendees):

Hallett mid     Hallett close

Divest from fossil-fuel companies

Take a stand against an industry whose cynicism and misinformation are wreaking havoc on the planet:  move your investments out of fossil fuels.  Join the pledge drive to make no new investments in the largest 200 fossil fuel companies, divest existing investments over the next 5 years, and reinvest in a healthy new economy.  Or start a fossil fuel divestment campaign in your town, religious organization, or other community group.