Usual and Accustomed Places Screening

Greetings Friends of ʔaʔk̓ʷustəƞáwt̓xʷ House of Learning, Longhouse, This Friday starts a unique opportunity and collaboration between Magic of Cinema, Studium Generale, and ʔaʔk̓ʷustəƞáwt̓xʷ House of Learning, PC Longhouse,  as we bring Usual and Accustomed Places to the campus and our community. Audience members will also have an opportunity to meet virtually with the film's director, Sandra …

Conservation International Presents

Nature is Speaking Featuring short films personifying Nature, narrated by folks we know well. JOAN CHEN is SkyPENELOPE CRUZ is WaterHARRISON FORD is OceanLIAM NEESON is IceEDWARD NORTON is SoilLUPITA NYONG´O is FlowerLEE PACE is MountainROBERT REDFORD is RedwoodJULIA ROBERTS is Mother NatureIAN SOMERHALDER is Coral ReefREESE WITHERSPOON is HomeSHAILENE WOODLEY is Forest