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Family Tips and Tricks for Celebrating Earth Day All Year Round

Teach your children to lessen their impact on the earth,
and make it FUN!

Brought to you by Olympic Climate Action | Olyclimate.org

With the current Stay-At-Home order due to the Coronavirus, parents house-bound with kids may be looking even harder for projects that are educational, fun, and safe. Here are some activities to start with…and links to sites for more ideas:

Make a game of turning off all unnecessary lights and powering down unused devices

Plant seeds in recycled egg cartons and plastic tubs and watch them grow, or make a terrarium out of a plastic bottle, old goldfish bowl, or big jar

Earth Day bracelets created from TP rolls
All these bracelets start the same. Cut a loop about an inch wide from a TP roll. Cut a slit in the loop so it will fit around a wrist.

  • For the star superhero cuff I painted the TP tube. When it was dry I added a star cut from an old art project. 
  • The orange wrist communicator was made with a bottle cap held on with a brad/paper fastener. The bottle cap turns like a dial. The rest of the decorations are brads and stickers.
  • The striped bracelet was made with washi tape.
  • The pink flower bracelet was covered with duck tape. The flower is recycled from old art and held on with a sparkly brad/paper fastener.

Make a game of turning off all unnecessary lights

Set aside a small piece of back yard or a big pot on the deck for kids to grow something for the family to eat

Plant a tree…even a small one will help the environment

Make a family compost pile, but look up how to make it rodent-proof: https://www.thespruce.com

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Learn the Basics of WordPress

Learn how to create and publish web content
with and for Olympic Climate Action.

Do you want to learn more about publishing a blog or managing a website?

Hi, I’m Michael Clemens and I assemble Hot Off the Wire for the OCA website.
In the past few months I’ve learned how to use WordPress and I’d like to share that with you.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Overview and Concepts of WordPress
  • Making and Publishing a Post
  • Managing the OCA Website

Please sign-up now if you would like to participate.
E-mail Michael Clemens at iMichael14@Yahoo.com.
Class schedule to be determined.

Native Skywatchers

Bringing Together Cultural and Scientific Knowledge of
the Stars

This workshop builds on combined decades of experience in what we come to call “duallearning” – the weaving together of cultural and scientific knowledge, stories, and hands-on activities in an environment where neither is dominant over the other and resonance between the two is easily found. PI A. Lee’s Native Skywatchers initiative and Collaborator D. Scalice’s NASA and the Navajo Nation partnership form the basis of the pedagogical approach of dual-learning.

We will focus on three constellations—Wakinyan-Thunderbird, To Win/Tun Win-Blue Spirit Woman (Lee, 2014), and Maang-Loon (Lee, 2014)—grounding participants in their location in the night sky and the knowledge contained in their stories. Then, we will introduce astronomy and astrobiology concepts that correspond, relate, and resonate: Wakinyan-Thunderbird with precession; To Win/Tun Win-Blue Spirit Woman with stellar nucleosynthesis; and Maang-Loon with Solar System formation. In each case, we will introduce scientific hands-on activities/labs, and participants will work in groups to expand them to reflect and teach the cultural knowledge they learned.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, January 9 at 1PM
  • WHERE: ʔaʔkʷustəŋáw̕txʷ House of Learning,
    Peninsula College Longhouse
  • Contact: Sadie Crowe at Longhouse@pencol.edu (360) 417-7992

We respectfully acknowledge that we are guests at Klallam territories