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More about the complex history of our past economic recoveries

Although COVID-19 emerged as a new challenge, the disproportionate impacts of crises such as COVID-19 on black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) are not new. Rather, disproportionate health and economic impacts on BIPOC communities directly correlate to a history of structural and institutional racism. From housing segregation to community disinvestment to the criminalization of poverty, our history is polluted with structural barriers to economic opportunity for BIPOC communities. 

With an economic recession on the rise, policymakers and impacted communities alike are calling for a large-scale economic recovery. As Washington state prepares for an economic recovery, it is vital that we look back at our country’s past economic recoveries to explore how recovery policies of the past have many times exacerbated institutional racism and economic inequality and work to ensure we do not make the same mistakes. 

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