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Climate Justice Field Manual


Break free from fossil fuels!

Actions in the Pacific Northwest will focus on Anacortes, May 13-15

Join a global wave of resistance to keep coal, oil & gas in the ground

May 13-15, 2016: A global wave of mass actions will target the world’s most dangerous fossil fuel projects, in order to keep coal, oil and gas in the ground and accelerate the just transition to 100% renewable energy.

*** Sequim Gazette article about OCA’s participation in Break Free ***

We need to follow up the Paris COP21 talks with a strong call to get serious and break free from this perilous path we’re on, and we can’t afford to go down that path any more.  It’s time to turn the ship around and head for a livable future, and this is a time to make the point with our bodies in the streets, to shift power from the fossil fuel industry towards grassroots groups like OCA who are working toward a great economic and energy transformation of our society.

The Shell and Tesoro refineries near Anacortes, WA are the largest source of carbon pollution in the Northwest and refine 47% of all the gas and diesel consumed in the region; this system must change—within years, not decades.  Join us the weekend of May 13-15 as we take mass action to Break Free from Big Oil and hasten a just transition to 100% renewable energy.

In order to arrange appropriate transportation and accommodation, we need your prompt response as to whether/how/when you would like to join us for this event, so we can minimize our carbon footprint and make it a good experience for all.  We expect to be picking up folks in Port Angeles, Sequim, and Port Townsend on the way to Anacortes.  Transportation might be by carpools, vans, or even buses.

PLEASE fill out this survey so we can arrange logistics and stay in touch: 


OCA Annual Meeting: “Local Climate Action:  Keeping the Momentum Going”

Sunday, February 8, 2015, 4-6 PM

Elwha Klallam Heritage Center, 401 East 1st Street, Port Angeles

Join Olympic Climate Action (OCA) for its annual general-membership meeting.  OCA has numerous climate-action and education initiatives planned for 2015 and invites those interested in protecting our community from climate change to attend.  The program will include:

  • A review of OCA’s community-outreach activities in 2014;
  • A progress report on a local climate change vulnerability and adaptation study which will help local decision-makers better plan for our future;
  • An update on the increase in local fossil fuel transport and the risks posed to our community;
  • A State Citizens’ Initiative for a revenue-neutral carbon tax that would reduce Sales and B&O taxes and provide a tax rebate for low-income families;
  • An initiative to jump-start home energy-retrofit investments in our local community;
  • Presentations from other community groups working on climate issues;
  • A poll of member interests; and
  • Inspiration from Bill Moyers and Company.

A buffet of locally-produced specialties will be served, and there will be a drawing for door prizes, including:

  • An Energy-Star© 19” HDTV
  • “Fate of the World: Tipping Point”—a PC strategy game that simulates the real social and environmental impact of global climate change over the next 200 years — “It’s all real, and it’s scary.”

OCA activist Ed Chadd says, “Let’s help make 2015 the year when the world finally gets serious about climate change.  There’s little time to lose, and we all have a stake in this.  Come join us!”

RSVP not required but would be much appreciated.

If not us, then who?

James Adcock left these thoughts on the Sightline blog (paraphrased):


1) Even tiny little partial successes represent saving millions of human beings from death or untold suffering, including watching their children die of starvation, heat stroke, or lack of water.

2) The morality of one’s actions is not dependent on the morality, or lack thereof, of one’s neighbors. Living a moral life is NOT a sacrifice. Rather, it is a privilege.

3) SOMEONE has to speak the truth in a democracy. It’s not going to be the politicians, and it certainly hasn’t been the news media. SOMEONE has to speak the truth. How about if it be YOU?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Here are some things you can do in the community and as an individual.