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LSRD Methane Paper update – 30 July 2020

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The “new approach” for our leaders

Ed and others,

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The “new approach” is for our leaders, elected and agencies, to realize that immediate action is required to save salmon, Southern Resident Killer Whales (SRKW), and Bonneville Power Authority (BPA).  Collaboration needs to be about rounding up some of these leaders and to agree and how to get these two agencies and their overseers in DC to agree to immediate breaching.  More meeting about anything else is the “old approach” and should be avoided.  If they don’t understand the peril these creatures, fisherman and ratepayers are in, then help me arrange a briefing for them. I can also show them how the option of immediate breaching is real.

The Columbia River Systems Operations (CRSO) was a planned train wreck and is so fatally flawed as to render it useless accept as cannon fodder in the next round of legal battles between the NGOs and Feds.  Which is just fine with them.  Our leaders need to stand up to this protracted discussion, studies, litigation, etc. and take decisive and immediate action on breaching. That would be “new”.  Here is the link to a document submitted to the CSRO process that lays out the 14 Fatal Flaws in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS).  https://damsense.org/fourteen-fatal-flaws/

Also, the COVID 19 crisis will most likely wreck much of the salmon and orca restoration initiatives, whereas breaching does not cost the state a dime, saves 8 million juvenile smolts, goes a long way to restoring fisheries and those jobs, and could create 2-3 thousand jobs in eastern Washington.  That is what our leaders ought to be talking about, not more collaboration about anything but immediate breaching and how to expedite the mitigation that keeps virtually everyone whole and that have already been identified.   Along those lines I have attached a letter we recently sent to Governor Inslee making these points.

I applaud Ron Allen for raising this issue with Congressman Kilmer, and he just may be the person in the Pacific Northwest who has the business acumen and courage do to what is right before it is too late.

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Jim Waddell Civil Engineer, PE USACE Retired and Clallam County PUD Commissioner.
These views are my own and do not represent a position by the CC PUD

LSRD Breach Now! Rally — January 23rd

Facebook Event at Orca Oracle Bus Carpoolhttps://www.groupcarpool.com/t/a3uj90

Join advocates for salmon,
tribal rights and
fiscal responsibility

to rally on the Washington Capitol steps,
Jan. 23, 2020 at 11 am

in support of breaching
the 4 Lower Snake River Dams (LSRDs) now. 

Gov Inslee is taking written comments on his “LSRD Stakeholder Study” through Jan. 24, but has no public meetings set around the Salish Sea, nor is he allowing any public comments at his 3 “Stakeholder Meetings” [set in Clarkston, Tri-Cities and Vancouver].

Speakers, signs and songs will let Gov. Inslee know that the time has come to breach these dams now based on science, economics and treaty rights!

No public comment is taken at the Stakeholder Meetings. 
The Stakeholder Rally welcomes open public comment. Come be heard and seen as
We the People advocate for saving salmon, orca, and taxpayer money.

More info and carpooling link will be available at the Facebook event

You may print and display the Stakeholder Rally Poster.

Comment on Lower Snake River Dams

Stakeholder process through
Governor Inslee’s questionnaire

Thanks to NOOP (North Olympic Orca Pod) for this info!

Please respond to Governor Inslee’s “LSRD Stakeholder Survey” this week if possible.

Background info, including the link to the survey are here

Because Inslee’s consultants have made this process complicated, some folks may want more guidance in filling out the survey. Folks at DamSense have prepared a document as guidance, with the following notes: “Please use DamSense answers as a reference only. It is important that you submit your survey responses in your own words. Feel free to share with your colleagues and networks … We need everyone to complete the survey ASAP as the Draft report will be completed and available for public written comment mid-December,” though comments aren’t technically due till Jan. 24. Inslee’s consultants are planning to issue a draft report later this month for another round of public comments, so individual comments now are important for maximum impact.

Here’s some guidance for the section on native cultural rights that’s stronger than DamSense’s comments: “The LSRDs were a major devastation to native rights and cultures. They destroyed salmon, steelhead, lamprey and sturgeon runs that tribes had relied on for thousands of years. The LSRDs reservoirs ruined riparian plant gathering areas for food and materials. Their reservoirs inundated tribal burial grounds, village sites and sacred areas. None of the affected native peoples were adequately consulted nor consented to the construction and operation of these dams in their traditional living, fishing, hunting and gathering areas.”

Though the Orca Task Force recommended a more scientific and fact-based LSRD analysis, Inslee’s consultant-heavy and complicated process appears to be political pandering to Eastern Washington, and far apart from OTF’s recommendations. But this process is what we have.

A message from the Office of the Governor

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Gather for orcas in Olympia Nov. 16

An important rally for the orcas is scheduled at the Capitol complex in Olympia on Nov. 16, 2-5 pm.  There will be representations of all 74 living wild Southern Resident Killer Whales, plus Tokitae, aka “Lolita,” held in captivity at Miami Seaquarium.

Nov 16 is when the Orca Task Force final recommendations go to Governor Inslee.  The rally is to support breaching the Lower Snake River Dams a.s.a.p. for the sake of our salmon and orcas!

There is a big need for people to hold one of the 75 orca replicas. Interested people should let the organizers know they want to hold an orca by posting on the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/254931905370101/

Event poster:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JIu1idaBW6zNejmqu3igFrYRqz4uNc9I/view?usp=sharing

Here is a site for both drivers and passengers to carpool to the event: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/9yo54z