Contact Sen. Cantwell & Rep. Kilmer on LSRDs

View along the top of a dam and spillway.

2 bad congressional maneuvers relating to the LSRDs need immediate constituent action to oppose them.

  1. Rep. McMorris-Rodgers has proposed amendments to appropriations bills that would prevent further federal funds from being spent to study LSRD breaching.  Derek Kilmer is on the key committee considering them. 

Action needed:  Contact Kilmer’s Natural Resources staffer, Katie Allen,  Tell her to have Rep. Kilmer OPPOSE any amendments offered by Rep. McMorris-Rodgers or others that would prevent further studies of the Lower Snake River Dams or related actions.  You can also call his DC number (202) 225-5916 to leave this message.

  1. Senator Cantwell has proposed an amendment to the infrastructure bill that would provide a no-strings $10 billion taxpayer bail-out of BPA.  Any reforms of BPA should be part of a comprehensive solution including LSRD breaching, as Rep. Simpson has proposed. 

Action needed:  Contact Sen. Murray and Sen. Cantwell.  Tell them “Reject a provision in the Energy Infrastructure Act of 2021, recently approved by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which would grant the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) an additional $10 billion in its borrowing authority from the US Treasury. I oppose any Congressional provision that grants BPA additional borrowing authority without significant action that will restore all ESA-listed Columbia Basin salmon and steelhead to abundance. Breaching of the lower Snake River dams is a cornerstone of this necessary action.”

Sen. Murray’s staffer Shawn Bills email:; DC office number (202) 224-3441

Sen. Cantwell’s staffer Megan Thompson email:  DC office number (202) 224-2621

Please do take the time to email and/or call TODAY if you can.

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