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People’s Climate March Olympic Peninsula

Saturday, April 29 was a day of Climate Awareness marches in Washington, DC and around the world.  In Port Angeles, some 600 concerned citizens from across the Olympic Peninsula and beyond came by bike, by foot, by carpool, and by busloads.  Some presumably swam, like this pod of orcas from Port Townsend!

Lys Burden, Dale Grooms, Debra Ellers and Annette Ruzicka of Port Townsend

Lys Burden, Debra Ellers and Annette Ruzicka of Port Townsend

The event was organized by a tireless group of activists from Olympic Climate Action and supported by the Sierra Club North Olympic Group.  Led by members of the Klallam Drum Group of the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, this non-violent march moved with good spirit through the sidewalks of downtown PA in the rain.  The majority of bystanders and local businesses showed their support and expressed an understanding of the importance of the issues being raised on this day.

More photos available on OCA’s Facebook page.

Climate change is real and now. Most of us get it. Humans must act in ways to limit its effects, and deal with surviving the changes that are here and/or on their way.


Give a rousing cheer for the many unsung citizens who took an afternoon out of their lives to make this a worthy event.  Even the clean-up crew!

Check out the Peninsula Daily News story about this March for Climate, and some of the interesting commentary that follows.

Celebration of Science

Our Celebration of Science, co-sponsored by Olympic Climate Action, Feiro Marine Life Center and others on Earth Day was a wonderfully successful event, in spite of rain showers.

Video:  Electric forces impact both red and blue!

You can click on images to enlarge them and/or to cycle through the slide show.

Did you see this piece by Neil deGrasse Tyson that captures some critical points about Science in America?    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MqTOEospfov

Or this? http://www.sequimgazette.com/news/science-rising-a-celebration-of-science/

Or this? http://www.sequimgazette.com/opinion/water-matters-wall-of-science/


March For Science

LETTER: Trump threatens to substantially turn back the clock on climate change progress

Peninsula Daily News

Tue Jan 31st, 2017 1:30am, Letters to the Editor

Far from making America great again, Donald Trump may in fact threaten human civilization by setting in motion runaway climate change beyond the capacity of civilization to cope.

The trickiest concept about climate change is the lag time between cause and effect, whereby we won’t see the worst of the impacts from our current behavior for many decades.

The science indicates that what we do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next few years is crucial, and if we don’t start acting decisively now, disaster awaits.

But what we will see of those impacts in the next few years, substantial as they may be, will pale in comparison to what’s to come a generation or two down the line.

Our president has called climate change a “hoax” and threatens to “cancel” the historic Paris climate accords and unleash a bonanza of oil and coal extraction that would dwarf the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines.

He has murmured about being “good stewards,” but his Cabinet nominations are down-the-line “climate skeptics” who risk turning the clock back to a place where we can’t afford to go.

Their proposed deregulation plans would discount the future and expose future generations to untold misery, undoing the substantial progress America has made toward a booming clean-energy economy, which truly would make America great again.

Tell Trump and the U.S. Senate that we need a leadership team that will carry us forward to this future, not send us backward.

For more information, go to http://www.olyclimate.org.

Ed Chadd,

Port Angeles

EDITOR’S NOTE: Ed Chadd is on the executive committee of Port Angeles-based Olympic Climate Action.

Rally vs Trump Nominees


That pin in the upper left is us, not Victoria…in the entire Pacific Northwest, we and Seattle were the only places to hold “First 100 Hours” rallies to begin the resistance against the Cabinet nominees of Donald Trump.

Twenty-eight hardy souls were out in the middle of the street early this morning to spread the word, and we got much support from passersby.  More support than from the Port Commission, who said it was inappropriate to lobby other government bodies such as the U.S. Senate. This was just prior to a long discussion of whether they should lobby state government to extend the halibut fishing season!  Oh well, Profiles in Courage it wasn’t.

But the good news is that two out of three Port Commissioners acknowledge that human-caused climate change is a serious problem that must be seriously addressed.  That’s a good thing for our local community, as the Port controls some of the most vulnerable assets in Clallam County under the threat of climate change.

Pictures from the rally are on our Facebook page.

Port Angeles adopts climate planning policy

On January 17, 2017, Resolution #02-17 was finalized after OCA appealed to the City Council for action following up on the climate adaptation plan. Here is a paraphrase of that resolution:

“It is incumbent on all local government agencies on the Olympic Peninsula to prepare for natural disasters, sea level rise and potential emergencies related to climate change.  In 2015 representatives of the City of Port Angeles participated in a regional effort to consider climate change impacts on the Northern Olympic Peninsula.

“In 2016, with input from OCA and dozens of jurisdictions, agencies, businesses and residents across the Northern Olympic Peninsula, the City adopted a new Comprehensive Plan that includes 18 new policies around climate change and adaptation to sea level rise. Areas of the new policies include climatic impact on land use, conservation, capital facilities, and economic development.

“The City should utilize the Climatic Change Preparedness Plan in attracting businesses, to demonstrate a proactive approach to climatic change inthe area.

“The City affirms its dedication to planning for climate change and for the needs of our community as we face these changes.  Its planning will be founded on the Comprehensive Plan.  The City will support a regional, co-operative approach and it directs City staff to ensure that new development, both public and private, take into account and  proactively mitigate changing environmental effects.”

To read the whole of Resolution 02-17, click here.