Oppose Kinder-Morgan pipeline to protect our water and climate

Letter to the editor from OCA member Lisa Dekker: "Here in our waterway, ecological and economic interests are one and the same, and this pipeline project absolutely must be stopped." http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/letters/letter-trans-mountain-pipeline-expansion-evidence-of-fossil-fuel-industrys-desperation/

Growing alliance of businesses & governments vows to honor Paris accord

Around the world, nations have been reacting to President Trump's announced withdrawal from the Paris climate accord with determination to move ahead in spite of the United States government. And here domestically, a growing coalition of state and local governments, tribes, and businesses are signing on to a declaration to continue honoring the Paris accord …

While Feds fail, locals step up

President Trump's withdrawal from our country's commitment to the Paris climate accord has engendered both dismay and determination around the globe, and here on the Olympic Peninsula, Olympic Climate Action has joined that chorus.  Around the country, groups are now calling for their state and local governments to fill in the void of federal leadership by …

On Paris accords, remember first-world nations had head start on exploiting fossil fuels

Letter to Peninsula Daily News from OCA member Bill Marsh of Port Angeles: When President Donald Trump told us June 1 of his decision to pull out of the Paris climate change agreement, he referred to how China and India were less limited by it than the U.S. Our president conveniently seemed to forget that …

Climate activists & Peninsula officials react to Trump’s pullout from Paris

This Peninsula Daily News story in the wake of Donald Trump's announced withdrawal from the Paris climate accord includes reactions from OCA members, the Local 20/20 sustainability group in Port Townsend, and officials from Clallam County and the Jamestown S'Klallam, Quileute, and Quinault Tribes: https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/peninsula-reacts-to-trumps-decision-to-pull-u-s-from-paris-climate-accord/

Pushback from cities, CEOs

187 leaders of cities around the country representing more than 50 million Americans have signed a pledge to stand by the Paris Accord Major company CEOs voice criticism of DT action

Vigil for Paris Accord

Olympic Climate Action will hold a vigil for the Paris Accord on Friday, June 2, from 5 - 6:30 pm in front of the Federal Bldg. at First and Oak Streets in downtown Port Angeles. We will be there to witness this tragic development and express our profound sadness and disappointment in the President's decision. Wear …

Earth mourns


SOS! All hands on deck!

President Trump is reported to be leaning toward completely withdrawing America from the Paris Climate Agreement. This would be one of the most foolish and reckless decisions of any President in history. Scientists estimate that this single act could result in an additional 0.5°C of global warming, which could make the difference between a difficult-but-livable planet and …