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US Bank Updates its Environmental Responsibility Policy!

People over pipelinesRemember those cold days in February when people in Port Angeles and Sequim were protesting US Bank’s support of DAPL pipeline ?  Well, good news.  US Bank has revised its environmental responsibility policy to state that it will no longer directly fund any oil or gas pipelines! And any relationships with companies/people in the oil or gas industry will be subject to additional checks on the “potential impact on dependent communities and indigenous people.” Activism works!

This Saturday, May 20, from 11am-12 people will be going out to the PA and Sequim branches of US Bank, where we protested, this time to bring flowers and wave signs thanking them for listening to the people. Facebook event here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1348163088552428/

Here is an article: http://www.ecowatch.com/us-bank-divest-pipelines-2408440397.html

and their new Policy:  https://www.usbank.com/pdf/community/Environmental-Responsibility-Policy-Web-Final-April2017.pdf

US Bank

OCA’s Message to US Bank Officials

On Saturday, Feb. 25th and March 4, concerned citizens and members of OCA  joined other groups around the country to speak truth to corporate executives of US Bank, which is one of the funders for the Dakota Access Pipeline.  A worldwide movement is calling to divest from these banks if they won’t withdraw their DAPL investments.

Keep it in the Ground

Keep it in the Ground

usbank2-800 usbank3-800Our group engaged –  and was engaged by – the passing public.  It was all good.

There will be another picketing this coming Saturday, March 11, from 11AM to noon in front of the US Bank at 134 E. 7th St. (at Lincoln) in Port Angeles, and at 101 W. Washington St. (corner of Sequim Ave.) in Sequim.

Join us.  Bring signs and dress for the weather.

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