Middle school video contest

For middle school parents and teachers on the North Olympic Peninsula:

To supplement the national contest described below, Olympic Climate Action is offering a $50 cash prize for the best short (30-120 seconds) video on climate change submitted by a middle-school student on the North Olympic Peninsula.  Rules:

·         Entries must have been submitted to the national contest described below.

·         After entry in the national contest, entries should be submitted by the students’ teachers, to olyclimate@gmail.com, by March 21, 2014, along with parental consent forms.  The same parental consent form used by the EPA will work, substituting OCA for EPA.

·         OCA will generally follow the same procedures as the national contest, including the right to publish, use, duplicate, disclose, exhibit, or display any video entry submitted.

·         If multiple students worked on the prize-winning video, the amount awarded may exceed $50, at the discretion of Olympic Climate Action.

·         Decisions by Olympic Climate Action will be final, and if none of the videos submitted is deemed to be of sufficient quality, no prize may be awarded.

National Climate Change Video Contest

The EPA and National Environmental Education Foundation have launched a new video contest that asks middle school students to produce a short video about why they care about climate change and what they are doing about it.  Deadline March 18.  http://epa.gov/climatestudents/contest.html


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