OCA gathering signatures on I-732 & I-735

Promoting the CarbonWA carbon-tax initiative to bring clean energy to WA and the WAmend big-money-out-of-elections initiative to restore balance to our democracy.

OCA has sponsored several events centered around the CarbonWA initiative to enact a revenue-neutral tax swap which will tax “bads” (fossil fuels) instead of “goods” (sales, business activities, and working families).  Signature-gathering will continue through the end of November.
We are also gathering signatures on the I-735 WAmend initiative to get big money out of elections by calling for a constitutional amendment to say that corporations aren’t people and money isn’t speech, and that therefore corporate campaign contributions can be reined in.
We see these two issues as integrally related, as the fossil fuel industry has been instrumental in slowing action on climate change.  Contact us for petitions.
  • On July 30,  KONP Radio 1450 interviewed Yoram (yur-AHM) Bauman, the principal author of the I-732 CarbonWA initiative and the world’s only “Stand-Up Ph.D. Economist.”  Podcast this interview.
  • On August 2, Yoram presented “Climate Change–It’s No Joke:  An Evening of Fun, Fossil-Fuel
    Yoram Bauman
    Yoram Bauman

    Fungibility, and Fundraising.”  Poster  –  Video of Yoram’s talk

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