OCA “puts a cork in it” at climate rally

Put a Cork in it! from Nancy Botta of RainDagger Productions on Vimeo.

50 Olympic Climate Action supporters gathered at the Port Angeles waterfront on November 21 to call upon world leaders to “Put a Cork in It” and leave 80% of the world’s known reserves of fossil fuel in the ground–what scientists say we need to do to allow the planet to remain within the 2 degrees Celsius warming limit set by world leaders as the maximum allowable to avoid catastrophic climate chaos.  OCA’s rally was held against the backdrop of Shell’s oil drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, back from an unsuccessful $8 billion gambit to drill for oil in the Arctic, in waters only recently uncovered due to the very warming caused by fossil fuels.  With corks made by several local artists, we literally “put a cork in it” and called upon world leaders to get serious about a quick transition to clean energy.

Photos from the rally…

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