Oppose a “Climate-Denial Cabinet”

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This issue was discussed at the Clallam County Commissioners’ work session on Jan. 17.  One Commissioner, Mark Ozias, pledged to take action on behalf of our community, and deserves our thanks.
At our monthly meeting on 1/8/2017, OCA unanimously directed our Executive Committee to write this letter to Washington’s Senators, urging them to carefully vet the Cabinet-level nominees of the incoming Trump administration, to protect our community from the consequences of failing to act decisively on climate change.  And we’re urging our local governments to write a similar note.
This issue is on the Clallam County Commissioners’ work session agenda for Jan. 17, between 9-10 AM.  Concerned citizens are urged to attend.

It’s up to us to stop these attacks before they can really start. Join us during the first 100 hours of Trump’s presidency to set a tone that we will not stand for any attempts to undermine the fight for justice.

We are quite concerned about the actions to date of President-Elect Trump and his advisors on the issue of climate change, many of whom seem determined to moving the country backwards on climateWe simply cannot afford to move backward:  the consensus climate models indicate that if decisive action is not taken immediately, we will be setting in motion an unacceptable level of climate chaos for decades to come.  We are concerned by a number of facts about Trump’s cabinet-level nominees:

In summary, we are concerned that Donald Trump seems to be putting in place a Climate Denial administration that threatens our very future, and we ask you to do everything in your power to protect our nation and the earth from those who ignore science, risking those they are entrusted to protect.  To send a message to Trump, go here.  And to send a message to the Senate about these nominees, go here.

For more background on these nominees:

The risks of climate change to our local community have been well documented in a recent multi-stakeholder study in which most of our local governments were involved, led by the North Olympic Peninsula Resource Conservation and Development Council—see http://www.noprcd.org/about2.  We simply cannot afford to stop making progress on the transition to a clean-energy economy and on preparing for climate impacts we won’t be able to avoid.  We must all stand up to protect our common future.

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