350 Leadership Webinar – July 1, 2020

Date & Time: Wed.  July 1, 2020.  Noon-1:30 pm.
Zoom Register.   FB Event.

★ Federal Climate Bills: What’s Good & What’s Missing?
★ Movement Action for National Legislation.
★ Organizing for Power: A “Climate Bill Package”?

★ Todd Fernandez, Executive & Legislative Director, Climate Crisis Policy
★ Jake Davis, Senior Policy Director, Family Farm Action
★ Etelle Higonnet, Senior Campaign Director, Mighty Earth  
★ Delia Ridge Creamer, Junior Oceans Campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity
★ Andres Jimenez, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Citizens Climate Lobby
★ Karenna Gore, Director, Center for Earth Ethics
★ Michael Gerrard, Director, Columbia Sabin Center for Climate Change Law  
★ Chad Frischmann, Vice President & Research Director, Project Drawdown
★ Others TBA

★ Climate Crisis Policy
★ Columbia University Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
★ Columbia University Laurie M. Tisch Center for Food, Education & Policy, Program in Nutrition
★ Center for Earth Ethics
★ Family Farm Action 
★ Drawdown New York City
★ 350NYC   
★ Action Corps NYC
★ The Climate Reality Project NYC
★ Mighty Earth
★ Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community 
★ Sierra Club New York City Group
★ Others TBA & Welcome!

FEDERAL CLIMATE BILLS:For Discussion Only, April 2020
1. Agriculture Resilience Act
2. The Climate Stewardship Act
3. The Food & Agribusiness Merger Moratorium Act
4. American Innovation & Manufacturing Act
5. The Break Free from Plastics Pollution Act
6. The Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for Our Nation’s Future Act
7. The American Energy Innovation Act
8. The Ban Fracking Act
9. The Carbon Action Rebate Act
10. The Farm System Reform Act

1. Detailed Summary of Bills.
2. Project Drawdown:  100 Solutions
3. The Climate Crisis Policy Digest.
4. Sabin Center for Climate Change Law model law initiative.

PLEASE NOTE:   Participation or co-hosting is not an endorsement of any legislation.  

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