350.org Webinars on the Election

Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that he may not respect the results of the upcoming election. It’s important to understand that such threats are generally made from a position of weakness, not strength — by those who understand they’re likely to lose. Nevertheless, we believe these threats should be taken seriously.

Across the country, coalitions are forming to protect the results of this election, experts on how popular mobilizations have stopped coups in other countries are sharing their insights, and local groups like 350 Seattle are teaming up with others to get ready to mobilize if necessary.

This Thursday and next Tuesday we’re hosting meetings that will cover the state of national strategies and how to best prepare and plug in locally.

Preparing to Defend the Election: How to Plug in Locally

We’re also tracking the work of national organizations. Shut Down DC: Defend Democracy, a DC-based direct action coalition,is hosting the following trainings:

Choose Democracy, a national group that has come together to organize against a coup, is hosting trainings on How to Beat an Election-Related Power Grab at the following times:

Democracy dies without participation, and voting is not enough. Whatever happens this election, please join us in preparing to stand up for free and fair elections, and for the right of every voter to be counted.

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