The Washington Climate Assembly is Coming Soon!

Several months ago, OCA endorsed this effort to organize the first Climate Assembly in the United States, which will kick off here in Washington on January 12 and run coincident with the State Legislature. Eighty Washingtonians will be randomly chosen in a way reflecting the population of this state, then come together online to learn, work together, deliberate, and decide on recommendations to the State Legislature for mitigating our climate crisis.

Several OCA members have been assisting on this project in various ways.
Here are six simple things you can do to help:

  1. Read an article or watch a video about climate assemblies.
  2. Go to the Assembly and People’s Voice On Climate websites to follow/share on social media.
  3. Sign up for this newsletter.
  4. Tell your friends about our climate assembly—this press release is a good start.
  5. Ask your state legislators to learn about, support, and endorse the Assembly.
  6. Donate.

Yours in the Climate Crisis, Ed Chadd and John Cambalik
OCA Executive Committee members and
Initiating Team members of People’s Voice on Climate

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