350 Seattle Artful Action

A trio of women singers.

We need to bring our whole selves to this work. We know the impacts. We know the threats. And we know, most importantly, that as long as there’s still life and beauty in this world, we have to fight for it.

We also know how hard that can feel— so one of our four areas of work is Movement Support. That means work that you’d find in any organization, like Operations and Comms, and it also means some of the creative and supportive work below.

  • Artful Activism makes our gorgeous banners and more, makes our movement inviting, and gives people of all ages and backgrounds a way to participate in important issues. Whether you think you have skills or not, you should join us! Our next outdoor art build is on Saturday, August 21, 1pm-5pm (masks required). RSVP to Lisa.
  • The People’s Echo infuses the streets and the movement with original songs that can be used as powerful tools for change—songs that are simple, accessible, short, inviting, and catchy. Come tomorrow to our in-person song circle with singer-songwriter, performer, percussionist, and teaching artist Shireen Amini! (Masks required.)
  • Story Circles are a community-building space to center supportive and accessible creative practices; help people connect with their climate stories and creative agency; examine and challenge the dominant stories in our culture; and imagine the future we’ll build together. The next group meeting is August 27th at 6pm.
  • Climate Grief & Empowerment seeks to help us avoid a paralysis of fear and grief in the face of sometimes overwhelming challenges, by offering tools to face, feel, and transform our emotions. Coming together in community practice can offer strength and energy to make change. The next group meeting is August 14th at 10am.

To make sure people know all the terrific ways there are to engage with us, we’ll be sending out periodic emails like this one, giving a brief overview of different bodies of work. Of course, you can always dig into the website too….

However you join us, please join us!

In solidarity,
Shemona, Director of Volunteer Engagement

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