Climate on Tap Report, Preview of Dec. 1

“It has been suggested that January 4th, 2022 focus on transportation, our largest carbon output in Jefferson County. “

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Dear wonderful Climate on Tap participants, interested parties, and FinnRiver staff –

We had a delightful second in-person session of Climate on Tap on November 3rd focusing on Project Drawdown, 100 current solutions to solving the global climate crisis! Even though it was raining hard, the pavilion was very comfortable. It has open air ventilation but the heaters make it cozy .The tables seat 4 and are spread out so all can be safe. FinnRiver Cidery is open for us only. Vaccinations and ID are required. Food and beverages are available. The hot cider is fabulous!

I have attached a pdf of the slides I would have showed, along with my notes, had technology smiled on us that night. It didn’t. ☹

If you wanted to attend the “Project Drawdown” session but couldn’t, you can do an online version of a sorting activity we did as groups. One participant said “Lots of thinking with the prioritizing effort – really helps things settle in.”

Here are links to the videos mentioned in the slide presentation:

– Paul Hawken’s keynote speech about Project Drawdown at the Reimagining Carbon conference

– “5 Reasons to be Optimistic About the State of the World” from the Pachamama Alliance

Each Climate on Tap is held on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-8:30PM. Co-sponsored by Local 20/20 Climate Action, Jefferson County Public Health, and FinnRiver Cidery. This is not a lecture series, but an interactive discussion format. For further information email Laura Tucker or call 360-379-4491. 

Upcoming Climate on Tap sessions on the first Wednesday of the month from 7-8:30PM

Wednesday, December 1st – “What Happened in Glasgow?”

Join guest speakers Jessica Plumb (award winning filmmaker, “Return of the River”) and Rachel Cardone (international water issues researcher at Stanford) who attended COP26. They observed firsthand all the nations of the world convening in Glasgow, Scotland to agree on policies and plans to ensure for a sustainable future for this planet. Come hear the outcomes and plan what we can do to join in the good work.

January-March, 2022 – Bringing COP26 to Jefferson County with local ideas and actions

We are planning to take the lessons learned and suggested actions from COP26 and use them to solve local issues and take local actions. It has been suggested that January 4th, 2022 focus on transportation, our largest carbon output in Jefferson County. We are planning to invite local agencies and decisions makers involved in that sector (eg. transportation) to each session. Mark your calendars!

If you have suggestions for what sectors we should address, please send them along!

Yours for a cooler planet –


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