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Forest Carbon Management Report

Forest Carbon and Climate Change
Proposed Solutions

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DNR: Adopt a forest carbon policy

By consensus at our Oct. 6 meeting, OCA has sent the following letter to the State Board of Natural Resources and Public Lands Commissioner Hilary Franz:



The Washington State Public Lands Commissioner has a legal obligation to investigate and consider all reasonable, foreseeable mitigation and adaptation measures related to climate change. The DNR has completed an assessment of climate-change-related risks and has acknowledged significant threats to forest, agricultural and aquatic resources, and is working on climate resilience strategies; however, DNR needs a clear directive from BNR to focus strongly on the challenges posed by the climate crisis.

We believe that if a market were created to reimburse the State and Local Taxing Districts for forest carbon sequestration at the Social Cost of Carbon and State-managed forests were managed for optimal sequestration over the next century, they would produce far more income and employment for timber communities and their taxing districts than the income and employment currently generated by timber harvests. That income would grow year after year and provide a stable financial anchor for our timber communities. Numerous additional benefits would flow from such management, including cleaner water, steadier stream flows, healthier populations of fish and wildlife, more recreational benefits, reduced fire danger, etc.


Western Washington Forest Health

Olympic Natural Resources Center Evening Talks

The next Evening Talk is scheduled for Friday, Jan. 25th. We are fortunate to have Dr. Daniel Omdal, Forest Pathologist for Washington State Department of Natural Resources Wildfire Division. Join us at 7:00 pm in the ONRC’s Hemlock Forest Room for another great Evening Talk. 

Title:  Western Washington Forest Health with a Focus on the Decline of Bigleaf Maple.

As of the end of 2018, there has been no sign of recovery of sick and dying Bigleaf Maple though Western Washington. Forest pathologists at Washington’s DNR have been investigating the increase in symptoms and mortality in the Bigleaf Maple trees since 2011. Dr. Omdal will discuss the results of a recently completed Masters Project from the University of Washington, which investigated the spatial patterns and environmental variable associated with the decline.   An update on Swiss Needle Cast Disease and its impacts on Douglas-fir will also be provided during the Evening Talk.    

Please join us for our first Evening Talk of 2019!   Evening Talks at ONRC is funded through the Rosmond Forestry Education Fund, an endowment that honors the contributions of Fred Rosmond and his family to forestry and the Forks community.    Refreshments will be served and a potluck of your favorite dessert is encouraged.  For more information contact:  Frank Hanson at 374-4556 or fsh2@uw.edu. 

 Frank Hanson, Education, Outreach, & NPCLE Facilitator 
Olympic Natural Resources Center
School of Environmental and Forest
College of the Environment
P.O. Box 1628
Forks, WA 98331
Office 360-374-4556
Cell 360-640-1861

Climate can’t see forest for trees !!!!

No problem. Palm trees are beautiful and we can develop a love for the stark beauty of the Saguaro cactus. This is what we get when the developed world’s sense of entitlement leads it to a per capita carbon footprint 17 times larger than than the 2 billion food and water starved.

American forests face major changes

May 5, 2016, by Tim Radford

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