Walk to Protect & Restore Our Salish Sea


One OCA walker’s diary

“I believe in the sun and the stars, the water, the tides, the floods, the owls, the hawks flying, the river running, the wind talking. They’re measurements. They tell us how healthy things are. How healthy we are. Because we and they are the same”

-Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually Tribal Leader

The people of our Salish Sea are rising like the tide to protect what we love and cherish as sacred, to stand together like the trees and lift each other up and the “each other” includes our grandchildren’s grandchildren, the orca and salmon people, the tree and bird people and all the other animal people of our Salish Sea. To stand in solidarity with Salish Sea tribes to ensure their treaty rights are honored and respected and for other nations to have their unceded territories and natural laws honored and respected.

This is why we will walk for 3 days along our Salish Sea in solidarity with the many Nations of our Salish Sea bio-region that are asking all of us to lift them up at this time, to begin our plans of restoration for our beloved Salish Sea bio-region. There is only one Salish Sea and it can be legally designated a Whale Sanctuary once we bring Tokitae (aka Lolita) home to her mother who still swims in our Southern Salish Sea and are both L-pod orcas. We walk to be free of Kinder Morgan’s plan to bring nearly 1 million barrels of oil per day to the shores of our Salish Sea. To stand in solidarity and to ensure that the Puyallup Nation and Tacoma residents do not have the threat of an 8 million gallon Liquefied (un)-Natural (fracked) Gas (LNG) facility with a 3.5 mile incineration zone located a half mile from their homes. To make sure that Saanich Nation and Malahat Nation do not have to live within the incineration zone of a Liquefied (un)-Natural (fracked) Gas (LNG) facility. To stand in Solidarity with No LNG pipelne on Lummi Nations land. So that our Salish Sea can be a place for all life to thrive once again and be free from the threats of Climate Change.

-Walk to Protect our Salish Sea

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