Addressing the Invitation E-mail


At the time of this writing, OCA has about 800 contacts who asked to be on our mailing list. Being on this list is the only requirement to be a member of OCA.

Because of the large number, member contacts are split into two groups, OCA Group1 and OCA Group2. This means you will have to compose and send two e-mails to reach all the members.

WARNING: Always use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) when addressing e-mail distributions to hide everyone’s address from everyone else. It is impolite to send address in the open on the To or CC lines. When you get comments on your work, it is usually because someone’s address was sent “in the open”. If you follow these procedures, that will not happen to you.


Open the OlyClimate Google Mail account in your browser: and log in if necessary.

Click the Compose button at the top of the left column. An e-mail composition dialog will open.

Click the Bcc link in the To line.
Your cursor will appear in the Bcc line ready to search.

Type “oca” in the Bcc line and a list of contacts will appear. Near the bottom of the list you will find your two Groups. Select OCA GROUP1 and all the contacts in that group will be added to the Bcc line.

Click in the Subject line and the Bcc list will contract.
Type “Hot Off the Wire”.

This is the time to check that the message is addressed using Bcc.

Tab into the message area and type a salutation, leave some space for links then Sign Your Name.

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