Composing the Invitation E-mail


Sometimes I only include a link to “Hot Off the Wire . . .”
Other times I provide a couple of important links from the Digest as teasers, which will display independently without Hot Off the Wire.
Graphics will not display on the user’s computer if they do not reside in Google Mail’s Media Page, which is different from the WordPress Media Page.

Adding a Hyperlink to highlighted text

Copy the link address for your Hyperlink.
Highlight the text you want to be a Hyperlink in your e-mail.
Select Insert Link (Ctrl-K) from the toolbar beside the Send Button
of the New Message dialog.
Paste the link into the Edit Link Dialog and select OK.

Adding Graphics to Your E-mail

If you want to use photos or graphic files in your e-mail you will need to upload them to Google Photos before you can place them. Once they are in Google Photos you can add them using Insert Photo beside the Send Button of the New Message dialog.

Uploading to Google Photos

In the top-right corner of the Gmail window, select the Google Apps menu button.
Scroll the drop-down menu to find Google Photos.
Drag photos/graphics from an Explorer window to the Google Photos window.

You will have the option to Add to album.
If you don’t want that, click the X. The file is added by date outside an album.

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