Ping-Backs — What to do.

Ping-Backs are a way to tell if some other site is using a link to our Posts.
Notifications will be delivered to the OCA Inbox in Google Mail.

Self Ping-Backs happen when you reference one of our Posts, in another of our Posts incorrectly.
You might do this when making a link to another OCA Post from Hot Off the Wire. (Sometimes you have to make content on our site so it can be linked in Hot Off the Wire.)

How to prevent Ping-Backs

When referencing one of our Posts in a link, use only what is called the Slug as the web address. That is everything after For example: the address for this post is . The Slug is in bold and includes the Slash after .org.
It’s using our Domain address,, that causes the Self Ping-Back.

This abbreviated address works because our site assumes an address like this resides in our Domain, so it looks for and finds it. This abbreviated address will not work in e-mails or in links from another site. They will not know in which Domain to look.

WordPress Help explains this, however there is a little quirk for our site.
Apparently has WordPress add the date a Post was first SAVED as part of the web address. Therefore the URL Slug shown in the Document Properties — Permalink column is incomplete, and will not work as shown.

How to Make Internal Links

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