Categorizing Posts

What Are Categories?

Categories provide a helpful way to group related Posts together.
Tools on the page can display Categories of Posts in a list by their subject.

From a reader’s perspective, it’s important to assign each Post to one or two Categories.
On the other hand, adding a Post to many Categories degrades the user experience; every Categorized list seems to display the same post until others are added to the mix.

You get to make the critical decision of “what this Post means”.

Categories in WordPress Support

Include this post in all blog rolls.
Remember to un-check the All Category. It is checked by default.

Action is a verb. We take actions.
From publishing a policy paper on the GND to demonstrating in the streets, action are “done”.
Actions are also newsworthy. That’s a judgment call.

If a Post states an opinion or delivers information that is not universally accepted, it can be considered Commentary or Opinion.

Science Fairs, meetings, film screenings and concerts are Events.

Inspiration: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions.”
— Merrium-Webster
This can be tricky. Include book reviews, meditations, “feel-good” stories and poetry.

Off the Wire
Reserved for OCA’s digest of the links to current events called Hot Off the Wire.

Important climate related articles and other news.

WordPress Help
Posts related to using WordPress. These posts are published Privately; that is you must be logged-in to WordPress to find them on the site.

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