About Categories

Inside WordPress, blog Posts reside in one big list.
That list can be accessed via My Site — Posts. It can be sorted and searched in various ways. By default, it shows the Posts that YOU have made in chronological order.

In the Post composition window, the properties of the Document are in the column on the right of the screen. One of the properties is Categories. Posts can be assigned to one or more Categories, or All Categories.

Categories is a tool that helps to make sense of that mass of Posts for the reader.

Categories in WordPress Support Help

When a menu item calls for “olyclimate.org/category/allblogs/inspiration/”, all the Posts assigned to the Category Inspiration are assembled into a chronological list and presented as a blog roll.

If one of those same Posts is also assigned to Events, it will be displayed when the Events Category is selected.

If that Post has “All” checked, it will be included in any Category search.

The Categories currently available on OlyClimate.org are:

Learn How to Categorize Posts

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