350 WA Legislative Priorities for 2021

Hello 350 WA Network local group leaders! 
Greetings from the whole crew at the 350 WA Civic Action Team.

We have been working very hard behind the scenes to grow our Network’s shared legislative campaign, and we wanted to let you all know where we are and what’s ahead.

First, we’ve grown our volunteer crew of 3 into a team of 30! That means we’ve been training lots of new bill trackers, and expanding our campaign’s reach with new roles and new ways to engage. Many of you local group leaders in the 350 WA Network have stepped into this work alongside us and with new volunteers from your groups, and we are all learning quite a lot about what goes into building a successful campaign. We’ve met every Friday morning since August to grow this work together!

Second, we are thrilled to be collaborating with Washington Environmental Council/Washington Conservation Voters, Our Climate, and Sunrise Washington on a joint effort to support constituents across the state of Washington to meet their legislators on climate ahead of session. This is a massive organizing feat that helps us strategically deepen our impact in Olympia, and not one that we could have accomplished on our own. Yay for creative collaboration and for growing our impact!

And here are a few major pieces of our campaign timeline that you may enjoy knowing:

  • November/December/January – collaborating with other orgs (WEC/WCV, Our Climate, Sunrise Movement) to coordinate pre-session climate lobbying meetings between constituents and their legislators across Washington
  • Early December – input process from the 350 WA Network on our draft priorities (note: many bills are still being written and our list will likely not be finalized until early Jan because of this)
  • Mid December – The 2021 350 WA Civic Action Team recruitment Toolkit goes out to 350 local groups in WA for amplifying this campaign to all of our bases (goal: grow our email list for this campaign)
  • Early January – additional input process on our legislative priorities with the 350 WA Network as the final landscape of policies comes together; additional recruitment Toolkit for local groups and individuals to help grow our campaign’s base; 350 WA CAT Campaign Kickoff Event
  • January 11th – First Day of the 2021 legislative session!

Warmly, Grace and Katherine and David and Selden and Cha Cha and all of us at the 350 WA Civic Action Team

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