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Help the 350.org WA — Civic Action Team

Hello Civic Action Team!
1020: Climate calls made to legislators!
411: Climate comments left on bills!
1490: Climate emails sent to legislators!
2921: total legislator contacts made by the Civic Action Team in 2020!

We’re now half way through the session, with a big cut-off looming on Wednesday at 5pm when bills must be voted out of their chamber of origin. Climate bills are in relatively good shape, with many already on the floor of each chamber ready for a vote. But there’s still plenty to do!

House bills that need a floor vote

Here are three House climate-related bills that are already on the floor and deserve a vote.  Please call these Majority leaders to ask that these bills receive a floor vote before Wednesday’s cut-off:

Majority Leader, Rep. Pat Sullivan (D-47) — (360) 786-7858 — Pat.Sullivan@leg.wa.gov
Majority Floor Leader, Rep. Monica Jurado Stonier (D-49) — (360) 786-7872 — Monica.Stonier@leg.wa.gov
Majority Whip, Rep. Marcus Riccelli (D-03) — (360) 786-7888 — Marcus.Riccelli@leg.wa.gov

Script : “Hello, I’m calling Rep. [Name] because of his/her role in House leadership and I have three bills that I would like to see receive a floor vote. Can I give you the bill numbers?”

  • HB 2405, Commercial Property Clean Energy Program (creates a program for financing clean energy retrofits)
  • HB 2570, Accessory Dwelling Units (allows low-impact density to expand housing options)
  • HB 2586, Electrification of Homes and Buildings (creates incentives for the electrification of homes and buildings)

Next, click on each bill link below and click on the “Comment on this bill” button. Verify your address and ask your Representatives to Please support this bill with a floor vote . Asking for a response gets a bit more attention, and bonus points if you can thank either of your Reps for co-sponsoring the bill!

Commercial Property Clean Energy Program , HB 2405
Accessory Dwelling Units , HB 2570
Electrification of Homes and Buildings , HB 2586

Senate bills that need a floor vote

There are also four climate-related Senate bills that deserve a floor vote. We’ve already told you about the Bottled Water Production bill, the Offshore Oil bill, and the Greenhouse Gas Emissions bill this session, but not the Styrofoam bill, which would prohibit the sale and distribution of styrofoam.

Please call these Majority leaders to ask that these bills receive a floor vote:

Majority Leader, Sen. Andy Billig (D-03) — (360) 786-7604  — Andy.Billig@leg.wa.gov Majority Floor Leader, Sen. Marko Liias (D-21) — (360) 786-7640 — Marko.Liias@leg.wa.gov
Majority Whip, Sen. Mark Mullet (D-05) — (360) 786-7608 — Mark.Mullet@leg.wa.gov

Script : “Hello, I’m calling Senator [Name] because of his role in Senate leadership and I have four bills that I would like to see receive a floor vote. Can I give you the bill numbers?”

  • SB 6213, Polystyrene Products (prohibits sale and distribution of styrofoam products beginning June 1, 2022.) 
  • SB 6278, Bottled Water Production (recognizes that bottling groundwater is not in the public interest)
  • SB 6432, Offshore Oil (bans offshore drilling and the infrastructure to support it)
  • SB 6628 Greenhouse Gases (fixes the state Clean Air Rule by including fossil fuel distributors)

Next, click on the bill link below and click on the “Comment on this bill” button. Verify your address and ask your Senator to Please support this bill with a floor vote . Asking for a response gets a bit more attention, and bonus points if you can thank your Senator for co-sponsoring the bill!

Polystyrene Products, SB 6213
Bottled Water Production, SB 6278
Offshore Oil Extraction, SB 6432
Greenhouse Gases, SB 6628

As we mentioned last week, before a bill gets to the floor, the Rules Committee needs to “pull” that bill to make it available for consideration. So in terms of the legislative process, the next two sets of bills are still alive, but at the back of the pack. Let’s give them a push.

House bills that need to be “pulled” to the floor

Please call or write these members of the House Rules Committee and request that these bills be pulled:

Rep. John Lovick (D-44) — (360) 786-7804 — John.Lovick@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Sharon Wylie (D-49) — (360) 786-7924 — Sharon.Wylie@leg.wa.gov

Script :   “Hello, I’m calling Rep. [Name] because they sit on the Rules Committee. There’s a bill that hasn’t been pulled to the House floor for a vote yet, it’s very important that it move forward. Can I give you the bill number?”

  • HB 2248, Community Solar (equity focussed solar bill creating new incentives and expanding access to the benefits of solar)

Senate bills that need to be “pulled” to the floor

Please call or write these members of the Senate Rules Committee and request that these bills be pulled for a floor vote:

Sen. Bob.Hasegawa (D-11) — (360) 786-7616 — Bob.Hasegawa@leg.wa.gov
Sen. Patty.Kuderer (D-48) — (360) 786-7694 — Patty.Kuderer@leg.wa.gov

  • SB 6536, Single Family Zoning (re-legalizes triplexes and duplexes within urban growth areas, increasing middle housing choices)
  • SB 6617, Accessory Dwelling Units (allows low-impact density to expand housing options, with slightly better details than the House version)

Thanks for your hard work, this was a long one! And as always, please let us know what you did!

Selden, David, and Katherine for the 350 WA Civic Action Team.

Climate-related Bills in the WA State Legislature

Climate- and energy-related bills in the WA State Legislature that the League of Women Voters supports:

SHB 1110 /  SB 5412   Reduces greenhouse gas emissions with transportation fuels. 

HB 1113 Aligns Washington State’s greenhouse gas reduction goals with the 2015 Paris Agreement and current climate change science assessments. 

HB 1597 Integrates the natural gas upstream emissions rate and global warming potential rule into other environmental and energy laws.

HB 1999  Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program.

HB 2311SB 6272 Amending GHG emissions limits for consistency with recent climate science.  

HB 2248SB 6223  Expanding equitable access to benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects.Provides needed resources to enhance participation, and provide benefits lower income communities in community solar projects UPDATE: HB 2248 had Hearing Jan. 16 in House Environment and Energy. SB 6223 will have Hearing Jan. 22, 8am in Senate Environment, Energy & Technology.

HB 2287 Rail Safety. A joint transportation committee shall oversee a consultant study on rail safety governance best practices for Washington state, both for passenger and freight, and consider the national transportation safety board’s recommendations following the 2017 accident report. Bill addresses significant problem of train derailments that jeopardizes lives, and can cause fires and water pollution. UPDATE: Had hearing Jan. 15 in House Transportation.

HB 2379  Sulfur hexafluoride emission reduction

HB 2405 / SB 6222 Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy and Resilience. 

HB 2427 / SB 6453 Tackling Climate Change as Part of Growth Management Act 

HB 2472  Incorporating GHG measurements from fossil fuels in state environmental laws

HB 2609 / SB 6335 Addressing Climate Change through Growth Management.

SB 5811 Zero Emission Vehicles. Reducing emissions by changing the clean car standards and program. Authorizes the Department of Ecology (DOE) to adopt California zero emission vehicle program regulations. Expands the types of vehicles required to meet California standards to include medium duty vehicles. Gasoline cars are the single biggest source of  carbon pollution in Washington. To make the big cuts in carbon we need, we must make the transition from fossil fuel cars to cleaner alternatives. UPDATE: Passed out of Senate Rules 26-23, referred to House Environment and Energy.

SB 5947 Establishing the sustainable farms and fields grant program.

SB 6135 System reliability under the Clean Energy Transformation Act (100%). Requires Department of Ecology submit a report regarding electrical grid reliability every four years. Good idea!

Bills the League opposes:

HB 1984 Designates food processing facilities as EIT for purposes of limiting GHG emissions

HB 1985 Regulatory relief from GHG rules for agriculture and food products.

Bills the League is watching:

HB 2415 Special district elections.

One more chance for WA’s “Green Wave”

…with inaction at the federal level, maybe a single state paving the way is our best hope for catalyzing broader action. Someone needs to lead. With lessons learned from this most recent failure, and more Democratic seats picked up in the state legislature — offering a firmer legislative route to passing a carbon tax — Inslee may yet be proved right in casting that leader as the state of Washington.

Column by Catherine Rampell, who covers the intersection between politics and economics for the Washington Post:


Support these climate-related bills now!

Consider sending a message SOON to our state legislators about these pending bills.

Sen. Kevin Van de Wege: kevin.vandewege@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Steve Tharinger: steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov
Rep. Mike Chapman: mike.chapman@leg.wa.gov

Dear 24th District state legislators:

At today’s monthly general meeting, the members of Olympic Climate Action took a consensus position to support these bills, which will help to pave the way to a safer, more just, and more prosperous future:

HB 1144: Strengthening the carbon-reduction targets to match the Paris accord

HB 2995:Updating the Renewable Portfolio Standard

SB 6081: Solar Fairness Act, encouraging distributed generation

2SSB 6269: Oil Spill Prevention Act

We urge you to help secure the passage of these bills.


Climate/Energy bills in the State Leg

OCA’s Executive Committee just sent these messages to our 24th District state legislators; we suggest you contact them as well, on this and other issues still pending in the Legislature:

Rep. Mike Chapman: mike.chapman@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7916

Rep. Steve Tharinger: steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7904

Sen. Kevin Van de Wege: kevin.vandewege@leg.wa.gov 360-786-7646

  • 3SHB 1144: OCA commends the State House for passing this bill which would revise the current state-mandated reduction limits to reflect current science concerning the level and rate of reduction that will be necessary to avoid catastrophic climate disruption.
  • SB 6203: OCA would support this carbon-tax bill if the tax were put back at $20/ton and exemptions were removed from the Transalta coal plant and other non-“Energy Intensive Trade-Exposed” (EITE) industries. We neither support nor oppose the current, watered-down version of this bill.
  • HB 2839:  OCA supported the original bill, which gives the Utilities and Transportation Commission authority to assess economic impacts associated with incremental increases in carbon dioxide emissions within a calendar year.
    • However, we do NOT support the added provision requiring that qualified biomass energy be considered a non-emitting resource. First, there is no question that burning material containing carbon will emit greenhouse gases, and even if in the long run the process were carbon neutral (which it is not), we face a climate crisis that is very much going to take place in the short run, and we need to reduce emissions as much as we can, as quickly as we can. Some argue that biofuel is carbon friendly because it displaces the burning of coal in power plants; this comparison is unfair because it compares to the most carbon-intensive energy source there is, rather than cleaner-energy sources. But even so, it is flawed to call biomass burning emissions-neutral. See the following links:


Letter to the Senate on carbon neutrality of forest biomass | Woods Hole Research Center



Legislators: enact a strong carbon tax

At our general membership meeting of 2/4/18, we agreed to send this letter to our state legislators urging action on a strong carbon tax. The time is now, and there is no time for half-measures or excuses. We urge individuals to write their own letters on this issue–your representatives need to hear from you!

Letter to 24th Dist. Leg. re carbon pricing 2018-02-04

Our legislators are facing many important issues, but frankly, none of these other issues will matter if we don’t get a handle on climate change. We need to change our current trajectory, strongly and swiftly, and with our federal government having abdicated responsibility for the future of human civilization, it’s up to the rest of us–states, Tribes, localities, businesses and individuals–to take matters into our own hands.
Please consider sending a letter of your own; your representatives need to hear from you!

Climate Countdown in Olympia Jan. 8

Let’s send a strong message to our state legislators that it’s time for real climate action, now!

Join with statewide 350.org groups mobilizing in Olympia for Climate Countdown: Day 1 on the first day of the 2018 Legislative Session, to let our representatives know we expect them to pass bold and meaningful climate legislation that has a chance of saving our future before it’s too late. (Of course, we can also thank them for past efforts to make Washington and the world a better place!)

OCA is arranging carpools and a van from Port Angeles, Sequim, and Port Townsend. Please go to the carpool link below to sign up. Let’s show that we’re serious!

Car/vanpool signup:  https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/y5drtc.

For more information, see the following:

Web Site: http://350seattle.org/climatecountdown/

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1969448093273005/

Click on “See More” at bottom of “Details” section for additional information. Also, check out the “Discussion” tab for comments.

Twitter: #ClimateCountdown

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