Climate-related Bills in the WA State Legislature

Climate- and energy-related bills in the WA State Legislature that the League of Women Voters supports:

SHB 1110 /  SB 5412   Reduces greenhouse gas emissions with transportation fuels. 

HB 1113 Aligns Washington State’s greenhouse gas reduction goals with the 2015 Paris Agreement and current climate change science assessments. 

HB 1597 Integrates the natural gas upstream emissions rate and global warming potential rule into other environmental and energy laws.

HB 1999  Reducing emissions by making changes to the clean car standards and clean car program.

HB 2311SB 6272 Amending GHG emissions limits for consistency with recent climate science.  

HB 2248SB 6223  Expanding equitable access to benefits of renewable energy through community solar projects.Provides needed resources to enhance participation, and provide benefits lower income communities in community solar projects UPDATE: HB 2248 had Hearing Jan. 16 in House Environment and Energy. SB 6223 will have Hearing Jan. 22, 8am in Senate Environment, Energy & Technology.

HB 2287 Rail Safety. A joint transportation committee shall oversee a consultant study on rail safety governance best practices for Washington state, both for passenger and freight, and consider the national transportation safety board’s recommendations following the 2017 accident report. Bill addresses significant problem of train derailments that jeopardizes lives, and can cause fires and water pollution. UPDATE: Had hearing Jan. 15 in House Transportation.

HB 2379  Sulfur hexafluoride emission reduction

HB 2405 / SB 6222 Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy and Resilience. 

HB 2427 / SB 6453 Tackling Climate Change as Part of Growth Management Act 

HB 2472  Incorporating GHG measurements from fossil fuels in state environmental laws

HB 2609 / SB 6335 Addressing Climate Change through Growth Management.

SB 5811 Zero Emission Vehicles. Reducing emissions by changing the clean car standards and program. Authorizes the Department of Ecology (DOE) to adopt California zero emission vehicle program regulations. Expands the types of vehicles required to meet California standards to include medium duty vehicles. Gasoline cars are the single biggest source of  carbon pollution in Washington. To make the big cuts in carbon we need, we must make the transition from fossil fuel cars to cleaner alternatives. UPDATE: Passed out of Senate Rules 26-23, referred to House Environment and Energy.

SB 5947 Establishing the sustainable farms and fields grant program.

SB 6135 System reliability under the Clean Energy Transformation Act (100%). Requires Department of Ecology submit a report regarding electrical grid reliability every four years. Good idea!

Bills the League opposes:

HB 1984 Designates food processing facilities as EIT for purposes of limiting GHG emissions

HB 1985 Regulatory relief from GHG rules for agriculture and food products.

Bills the League is watching:

HB 2415 Special district elections.

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