Eight Steps to Kick Your—and Our—Carbon Addiction

Adapted from the Columbia Gorge Climate Action Network, Drawdown.org, and Local 20/20

A rendition of earth options. Planes flying and storms raging on the left hemisphere and on the right, animals flying with bicycles on the road.
By Peter Kuper — Today
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1. Admit that we all directly or indirectly cause far too much toxic and greenhouse gas emissions due to our fossil-fuel addictions.

2. Calculate your carbon footprint to see where you stand in relation to a sustainable human society:

3. In the kitchen:

  • Eat local.
  • Eat mostly plants.
  • Avoid food waste.

4. On the road:

5. In the air:

Cut your air travel in half (1% to 20% or more).

6. At home:

7. In the community:

8. Using your voice!

Join Olympic Climate Action, Local 20/20 or other local activist group meetings to work with others to reduce not only your own, but also our society’s carbon footprint!