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My name is Beth and I am a member of the New Jersey Organizing Project & Shorekeepers Campaign. 

I live on the coast in Ventnor, New Jersey, and saw the impact of Superstorm Sandy firsthand. My house had to be taken down, and I am still not home after nine years. Very little has changed to address recurring flooding or the plight of the disaster victim. Our government has ignored the rising sea levels, urgent need for mitigation, and need for renewable energy. I am frightened for the planet my grandchildren will inherit.

Close-up from the water side, of a wave breaking over a shore barrier in front of houses.

Prior to Sandy, I was like everyone else. I didn’t understand the reality of climate change until I experienced it. As with the coronavirus, many didn’t understand what a pandemic was or what it felt like to live through a disaster until now. People don’t understand it until they experience it. 

Now I understand that this could be the new normal—dangerous pandemics and life-threatening natural disasters that could ruin our communities—unless we reimagine and recreate our economy to build a clean-energy future. We need Congress to take action immediately to put Americans back to work in clean-energy and care jobs! 

Sign this petition demanding that Congress take action immediately and enable Americans to fully recover by investing in our economy and climate with clean-energy and care jobs!

As an Independent who voted Republican in the past, many might have preconceived notions about what I stand for. But in reality, I am part of a group that embraces everybody. I know that we need to come together for this transformational change and recovery. We need to find common ground, especially when it comes to saving our communities, building a clean-energy future, and protecting our planet. This goal is bigger than a political divide.

If our government doesn’t do something to keep the waters at bay, to stop the constant movement of sea level rise, we will not have a community tomorrow.

We know that renewable energy is one of the ways that we can mitigate sea level rise. New Jersey is on the leading front of offshore wind farms, and we hope to have a couple of hundred turbines put up in the next few years. That will mean jobs that address the climate crisis! 

Out of disasters come great ideas and opportunities. NJOP is one of those ideas, post-Sandy. Reimagining the economy by investing in clean jobs is one of those after the COVID pandemic. We all deserve to thrive. Let’s do this!

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.

Thanks for all you do.

–Beth T., People’s Action

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