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Bravo to Pres. Biden and team for a wonderful reboot of America’s global role in the climate crisis.   It’s what they’re not saying that worries me.

The fact is we have to stop our pollution immediately  And all this talk – is not legally binding on polluting industries – and is not a commitment that will transcend elections. Even the trillions in spending and tax credits have no measurable or projected GHG reduction impacts on a timeline.  

This race against time has been lost, unless we force changes in law to end fossil fuel pollution and agricultural poisoning of the soil on a firm timeline. This answer is clear in everyone’s policy reports and goals.  But it will not happen unless we unite and speak with one voice.

We must get focused in our shared demands.  
To help, we offer this open-source EARTH BILL to run with as you’d like.  You can also take the elements – and call it something else – just demand them.

The strategy is clear:  The People have to make Government make the Utility, Car Manufacturers and Food Producers CHANGE THE WAY THEY PRODUCE THINGS on a firm timeline.   

This mandatory pollution solution is our only hope.
This is not our idea.  These are your ideas.  We’re just packaging it into an actionable demand for a mass movement.  
This is that moment when we can stand and watch – or lead.
We have this year to reverse course.  Can we seize it?  I beg you, please yes.
Yours in truth and action,

THE EARTH BILL100% by 2030

  1. Renewable Electricity by Utilities
  2. Electric Vehicles by Manufacturers
  3. Regenerative Agriculture by Industrial Plant & Animal Corporations
  4. (Enforcement tied to Ordinary Business Deductions)

By simply fixing how our Electricity, Cars & Food are made – we can reach 80% of the pollution solution! This would stop our pollution – which must be our first priority to avert disaster.

The Earth Bill works by requiring utility companies and large agriculture corporations to change to clean and healthy inputs in making our electricity (with solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and wave) and food (to farming practices like no-till, cover crops, and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides). Then car manufacturers make electric cars for all, and we’re on our way to stopping our pollution in time! It’s that simple really.

As the bill gets finished and filed, we’re starting with a Pledge for you, your organization, and your Congressperson. Leadership on this starts with us now! Welcome all!

Take the Earth Bill Pledge


Renewable Electricity Definition (for any CES push):The term “renewable electricity” means energy produced from wind, solar, geothermal, tidal, wave, and existing hydropower sources.

J. Todd Fernandez, LLM
Executive & Legislative Director

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