OCReport post-3 — Doug Taylor

The Meadows of Sequim

I am taking a long look at our climate action posture here in my little community of Sequim, just east of Port Angeles and west of Blyn, where, this week especially, lavender is King! Let me share my thoughts with you on this matter, as far as I have been able to ascertain.

At the top I want to commend the work of our city staff, under the guidance of Anne Soule; herself a committed climate activist. Their far sighted work, directing city resources to the most vital needs for climate change preparedness since 2016 is impressive. After attending seminars, studying climate projections and reviewing the city’s capacities they developed a multi-faceted plan to address the most vital needs our community faces under the title: “Sustainable Sequim”. You’ll find more details about these policies on the City of Sequim website:


Should you wish to dig a little deeper, you will find these active measures were taken in accord with the “Resolution Adopting Policies that Improve the City’s Sustainability and Resiliency”, also available at the city website.

Here is a quick bullet list of top actions:


The civic center solar array; community EV charging station; conversion of city fleet to EV.


Waste water reclamation; drought and snow pack education; water conservation efforts.


Fossil free city fleet began in 2013 and accelerating; telecommuting; improving bike lanes, sidewalks.


Community gardens; farmers market; tree planting program; creating spaces friendly to those who enjoy walking or biking.


Managing our assets to stay on top of issues, develop resilience; moving bill pay for utility customers to an online system; recycling of asphalt and more.


It is in this arena that I would like to participate. It seems to me that our town would benefit greatly by encouraging a citizens assembly or committee, to give our city leaders the input, insight and support of an engaged public.

So, Now What?

As the phrase ‘Climate Change’ fades and we talk in terms of ‘climate disruption’ or even ‘climate crisis’, our corner of this great big world has been, for a time, shielded from the most fearsome consequences already falling on much of the planet and across the nation. That good fortune, temporary at best, must not lull us into inaction as the crisis continues to swell on the horizon and a tsunami of consequences barrels toward us in the decade ahead.

Thanks to an active and responsive city government our town has, at least, begun to grapple with those challenges. But, where does the community focus as time marches on.? How do we build out our community infrastructure, local economy and culture to assure sustainability for Sequim in an uncertain future? And, to the most essential point, how can I, how can we, the citizens and friends of Sequim, contribute to the effort?

With the federal government, at last, responding with significant funding and resource allocation, we have the opportunity accomplish more than ever. Let us use this opportunity on behalf of the future children of Sequim.

As our compadre in climate action, Ann Soule, moves on from her active role with the city, we need to send her off with our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Watch Ann’s final report to the city from the Railroad Bridge Park, here:

Ann Soule, final report from the Railroad Bridge Park

And, in conclusion…

I will be reaching out to Meggan Uecker, our new ramrod on climate action at city hall. I’ll share with you as I learn more about how we can bring people power to bear for our town.

Let us keep the meadows of Sequim a green oasis for our descendants…

Meditation in the meadow

The Meadow at my front door

So long, and have a lovely day


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