OCReport-post 2 — Doug Taylor

July 2022

First, a word of apology!

You might notice I have no blog for all of June. This is not the best way to introduce a new feature, but I had little choice. The story is both sad and glad but mostly just the way things pan out sometimes. Your blogger had a brief and victorious battle with the COVID beast. Recovered in time to take a road trip from Hadlock, WA to Fargo, ND to pick up my eldest great grandsons, Orin and Arion, for a summer visit home, which may prove permanent. So, there is the sad and glad of it.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch!

Spring has come to our Peninsula, and with it the chance to get back out on the byways of Ecotopia to refresh the spirit and recommit to preserving the beautiful natural environment we are blessed with here. Our first duty to our mother nature, I believe, is to restore our love for her each day and to hold her in our prayers and wishes. As long as we hold that love fresh in our hearts each morning and rest with it in our dreams each night we will gain the “power of intention” that can energize our action on her behalf. Remember:

Love Motivates

With that thought in mind, I’d like to introduce a feature which I hope to continue through the season ahead. I hope it will inspire you to get out into the fresh and clean air of our Pacific Northwest home at every opportunity! With my canine companion Rose I can take you out to little known treasures on the Great Ecotopian Highways and Byways from Port Townsend to Long Beach and beyond! I will share some of my secret lairs with you, but not the best. Those, you will have to find for yourself. For the rest…

I Won’t Tell Everyone,

Join Rose and me on a walk along the Dungeness. This is no paved and padded “Discovery Trail”, but ahh the solitude at the end of the path. I won’t give you exact directions, no adventure in that, but there are clues enough to find your path along the Dungeness…

A Walk Along The Dungeness With Rose

and a song…

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