OCReport post-1 — Doug Taylor

May 2022

Olympic Climate Report Videos. In collaboration with Olympic Climate Action.

The Question of our time is not one of measures and actions, but one of values.

Ecotopia Rising: Production Update

My story of Ecotopia Rising, set in a dystopian world coming soon to a planet near you, will continue in the near future. We are gathering a cast and creative crew. The story is growing and will, I hope, prove to have been a worthwhile endeavor, once complete. When we return we will have new characters, a larger cast and a full story arc for our first season.

Meanwhile, I can share some of the backstory of our Ecotopian adventurers as we flesh out the mélange in which they live and the circumstances that have led to their survival. I hope that, in their story, albeit a flight of fancy, we can discern some clues for our guidance as ancestors who would be remembered with affection and gratitude by our Ecotopian descendants.

I hasten to add that the views expressed herein are mine own, cast freely from my mother wit. We deeply appreciate being hosted here at the beautiful blue wave of Olympic Climate Action and will continue to endeavor to be a good guest!

In that spirit, I’d like to begin a discussion, here on our blog and in our videos, of Ecotopianism a radical yet ancient social philosophy:

Ecotopianism Defined

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