Earth Day Every Day — Life-Hack Videos

What are LIfe Hack Videos?

Life can be a struggle, no matter who you are or where you come from. Life hacks are strategies that we can do to make things easier, more efficient, and simply more fun and creative.  When specifically discussing the ways we can be more eco-conscious there is often a misconception that it is a more expensive approach to living. We understand that finances are some of the biggest stressors of life so how can we be eco-friendly and also stay on a budget?

How can we, not only save money, but cut down our expenses? Surprisingly, many of these answers can be found within our very own home! If you have a Life Hack you would like to share, check the bottom of the page.

Directions for video submissions

Yes, we will still take submissions.

Make a video of any eco life hack you’d like to share and upload it to any platform you are comfortable using- Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
(If you upload it to your Facebook or Instagram, it may have privacy settings that won’t allow us to access the link so make sure it’s public).

  • When uploading the video, you can add your own tags.
  • Please make sure to use #clallamtogether.
  • You can also use #earthdayeveryday | #earthweek2020 | #ecolifehacks | #earth and any others you can think of.
  • Please, send the link address to OCA Webmaster.
    We will post your video as soon as possible. Thank you!
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