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“All Earth Life Matters”

Reaching out and fostering awareness in Earth care and concerns within the community has been what the supporting visual art projects have been about all along.  Then along came covid-19 and everything was upended on its ear….so to speak…and we continue to move through the effects of so much change in our lives. 

As the saying goes, “necessity is the Mother of invention” it can also be said now that it is also the “Mother of do-it-yourself” (I personally installed track lighting in my studio last week.  Those three little wires coming out of the ceiling where I’d removed the old light fixture didn’t have to be so intimidating after all….given that I had already switched off the breaker.)  The hardest thing was maneuvering the snake-y track and affixing it where it needed to be.  Voila!  New lighting to work by for this artist soul!

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