Sunrise comes to Port Angeles 2/27

Update from Mike Ferguson of the Sunrise Movement Olympic Peninsula hub:2019-02-25 GND update

Locals speak out about orcas & LSRDs

"Injustice to the natural world" Kilmer is backwards on science vs. politics & the LSRDs Snake River dam breaching would be a simple affair "Look to our souls" for the courage to do what's right

Breach the LSRDs now. Not next year. Now.

At the direction of our membership at our February 3 meeting, OCA sent letters to Governor Inslee, our District 24 State Representatives, and Rep. Derek Kilmer about both the necessity and feasibility of breaching the lower 4 Snake River Dams this year. Nothing would prevent this from happening if we recognized the true dire straits …

Why we need a carbon tax now

OCA is affiliated with the Citizens' Climate Lobby, a national organization lobbying for national carbon fee-and-dividend legislation.  Here is an editorial from the Wenatchee World written by two fellow CCL members:  Carbon tax commentary. OCA is communicating with U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer to urge him to co-sponsor carbon-tax legislation.  We urge letters to Rep. Kilmer …