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Sunrise comes to Port Angeles 2/27

Update from Mike Ferguson of the Sunrise Movement Olympic Peninsula hub:

2019-02-25 GND update

Locals speak out about orcas & LSRDs

“Injustice to the natural world”

Kilmer is backwards on science vs. politics & the LSRDs

Snake River dam breaching would be a simple affair

“Look to our souls” for the courage to do what’s right

Breach the LSRDs now. Not next year. Now.

At the direction of our membership at our February 3 meeting, OCA sent letters to Governor Inslee, our District 24 State Representatives, and Rep. Derek Kilmer about both the necessity and feasibility of breaching the lower 4 Snake River Dams this year. Nothing would prevent this from happening if we recognized the true dire straits our Southern Resident Orcas are in, and none of the recommendations of the Governor’s Orca Task Force would have as immediate and beneficial an impact as this one thing. Here’s the letter we sent to Gov. Inslee:  OCA to Inslee 2-15-19

And here’s a letter being hand-delivered by our friends at the North Olympic Orca Pod to Rep. Derek Kilmer on Feb. 27:  NOOP to Kilmer 2-27-19


Why we need a carbon tax now

OCA is affiliated with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby, a national organization lobbying for national carbon fee-and-dividend legislation.  Here is an editorial from the Wenatchee World written by two fellow CCL members:  Carbon tax commentary.

OCA is communicating with U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer to urge him to co-sponsor carbon-tax legislation.  We urge letters to Rep. Kilmer on this subject:  Representative Derek Kilmer, Kilmer District Office, 345 6th Street, Suite 500, Bremerton, WA  98337.  Or submit your comments at his website:  https://kilmer.house.gov/contact/email-me.