The Washington State Climate Assembly needs your help!

Position announcement:
17 July 2020

Washington State Climate Assembly Program Assistant

The Climate Assembly Washington Initiating Team is looking for excellent candidates to serve as Program Assistant for the first-ever “Citizens’ Climate Assembly” in the United States!  

So-called “Citizens’ Assemblies” are a form of deliberative democracy that has been used with promising results around the world, and now we are preparing to hold an Assembly on Climate in Washington State, having been encouraged to do so by 5 key Washington State House Committee chairs. The Assembly will gather “our state in miniature” into a deliberative forum to address and make recommendations about this complex issue disrupting our world. Assemblies are composed of a representative cross-section of residents, guided by professional facilitators, educated by experts, and exposed to multiple points of view about policy options from across the community. They are specifically designed to be unaffected by lobbyists, campaign donations, political parties, or other outside influences. For more information, see our one-page overview or our website.

For details about the position and the Assembly, please see the position announcement. We encourage qualified applicants to apply.

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