Hot Off the Wire — 7/5/2019

This Thursday evening is our local premier showing in Port Angeles.

Take Action

Regional Action

An URGENT message from the OCA Executive Committee by Bob Vreeland:

OCA members, there are some things you can do immediately to help reduce your carbon
footprint. This gets more critical each day we delay. We don't have any time to
waste anymore.
If you get your electrical power from Clallam PUD you can buy into the Community Solar
the PUD will construct at 410 E. Washington Street in Sequim. The minimum purchase is
about 15 watts (one unit) for $57.96. The maximum number of units a PUD customer can
purchase is 125. The total number of units available is 2,000 and they have to be sold
by 9/30/19. Get more info and the application form at
We need to have these units sold out ASAP to show the strength of a  community solar
project on the North Olympic Peninsula. If they don't sell out, it will just give the
PUD ammunition to say that Clallam PUD customers are not interested in reducing their
carbon footprint.

Another thing all of us can do is get our money out of the bank that fund fossil fuel
projects. There are plenty of small banks and credit unions on the North Olympic
Peninsula that don't fund fossil fuel. Also, if you own stock, consider converting it
to brokers that are fossil fuel free. For example, my brokerage, Blue Water Wealth
(headquarters Portland, OR 503-296-8700) is converting to a fossil fuel free
portfolio. They are  a socially and environmentally friendly brokerage that had some
small fossil fuel holdings, which they are eliminating from their portfolio. I suspect
there are other brokerages the are or will be following suit.

Bob V. 

Demand that Washington state protect Southern Resident orca from extinction!

National Action

Plastic Free July! — Plastic Free Foundation

In the 2016 Democratic primary debates, only 1.5% of questions were about climate change. — Sunrise Movement

Host a #ChangeTheDebate Presidential Debate Watch Party!

Protect Bristol Bay from Pebble Mine — Alaska Conservation Foundation

Climate News

Local/Regional News

Clallam County Commissioners will talk climate change with Jamestown Tribal Council Tuesday, 3 pm at the Tribal Center

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

Download a Summary of the Policy Action Agenda

Ukraine Commits to Reduce Climate Impacts —

Activists Still Want a Separate Debate on Climate After It Received Just 7 Minutes in First Debate — DemocracyNow! video

Financing the Future — The Global Climate Divest-Invest Summit
10-11 September 2019 — Two Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa

The Sierra Club Online Magazine – July/August 2019


Finally, a Climate Change Documentary That Will Get You Excited to Fix It — Earther
In a world that often feels obsessed with the apocalypse, it leaves you feeling hopeful.

The Promise to Protect Tour: An Inspiring Journey —

#AfrikaVuka, a call for climate justice and the end of fossil fuel use in Africa —

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