Hot Off the Wire — 7/17/2020

Flu Virus Resources

It’s Time to Tell a New Story About Coronavirus—
Our Lives Depend on It

Dr. Beak: During the plague years, doctors wore iconic get-ups that included masks filled with scented herbs to protect them from dangerous miasmas.

The way we talk about contagion matters.
It shapes how societies respond—and whether many of us will survive.
By Sonia Shah | July 14, 2020
— The Nation | History

DemocracyNow! Interview
The Nation Weekly

“The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse”
if we don’t take bolder action now

This interview with John Barry contains a brief history of the
1918 “Spanish” Flu. Fascinating!

— DemocracyNow! interview

The Pandemic Could Get Much, Much Worse.
We Must Act Now.
— The New York Times

It’s time to get serious about the causes of pandemics: UN report

How to Stop the Next Pandemic: U.N. Report Links Outbreaks to Climate Crisis & Industrial Farming — DemocracyNow! interview


Water Column: Resetting the rules

by Ann Soule | Wednesday, July 8, 2020
— Sequim Gazzette

“Defund the police” and “cancel rent” aren’t reforms,
but paths to revolution.

The Left Is Remaking the World
By Amna A. Akbar | July 11, 2020
— The New York Times

Ms. Akbar is a law professor who studies leftist social movements.

DemocracyNow! Interview

10 ways social change organizations can support the
Black Lives Matter movement
The difference between being an anti-racist and not being a racist
has never been more stark — By Todd Paglia, Executive Director,

The Climate Emergency Won’t Wait for the Press to Play Catch-Up — Moyers on Democracy

Mayabel Rents waits for a bus next to a flooded street on Sept. 29, 2015 in Miami Beach, Florida

What Do the Racial Wealth Gap, Police Brutality, and the Climate Crisis Have in Common? Wall Street
By Alec Connon — Common Dreams

The biggest banks, it turns out, are every bit as complicit in the climate crisis as they were in the slave trade.

Philadelphia Delays Unhoused Encampment Eviction as
CDC Says “Let Them Remain” & Stop COVID Spread — DemocracyNow! interview


Fix Our Planet: Electrify Everything!
Let’s enable our Makers to Make a Better Now

Week 34: Use your windows and shades to heat and cool your home. 
Take part: July 19–25, 2020

Political Climate – Vote For Your Future

Regional Actions

OCA joins the Washington Network!
The Network will help our group speak with a strong statewide voice but still leave us the flexibility to voice our own opinion.

On July 20th, US Climate Strike is mobilizing with the
Service Employees International Union and the
Movement for Black Lives to present a united front against injustice a month out from the Democratic National Convention

Join Washington Conservation Voters and State Senate Candidates T’wina Nobles, Ingrid Anderson, and Helen Price Johnson for a virtual Town Hall next week,
July 21 from 5 to 6 p.m

Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Is a Bad Actor
Right now, PSE is targeting children with coloring pages for a “gas town” and a racist mascot called Don Fuego.

When you care about Walrus,
tell ConocoPhillips to leave them alone in the Arctic
— Alaska Wilderness League

National Actions

Rainforest Action Network

Don’t bail out plastic recycling! — Greenpeace
Support real solutions, like the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act! 

Urge the Senate to pass this amendment to cut the Pentagon budget by 10 percentWin Without War

Tell your Senators: Vote yes on Amendment 1788 to cut military spending by 10%

Urgent Federal Climate Bills and Strategy Webinar | July 2 — 1:45

Local/Regional News

Sightline’s Latest Original Work

National/International News

Center for Biological Diversity

Celebrate 3 Key Victories Over Oil and Gas Pipelines

MARCHWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA – OCTOBER 5: Private homes surround Sunoco’s 20 inch gas liquids pipeline along a right-of-way October 5, 2017 in Marchwood, Pennsylvania. Many nearby residents are aware of the possible well water contamination they could experience from the horizontal drilling with Sunoco Pipeline’s $3 billion Mariner East 2 expansion project. (Photo by Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images)

Understanding Trump’s Harmful Attack on NEPA
The National Environmental Policy Act gives us all a voice. The Trump administration is trying to silence it. — NRDC

The Trump Administration Is Reversing 100
Environmental Rules. Here’s the Full List.

— The New York Times

How to Travel at Home: Finding New Routes Through Our Daily Lives

Fool’s Gold: Financial institutions waste billions undermining climate action
Financial institutions risking our renewable energy future by supporting the European coal sector

How Facebook Handles Climate Disinformation
Critics say a company policy that exempts opinion articles from fact-checking amounts to a huge loophole for climate change deniers. — The New York Times

COVID-19 cases continue to explode from the U.S. to the Amazon

The New York Times

‘The city I love’ and climate change:
A Miami story
What oil and gas bankruptcies leave behind

The fallout from last week’s epic pipeline defeats continues.
Phoenix is trying to combat Climate Change — The Washington Post

Climate in Politics

3 unexpected ways Joe Biden plans to
tackle climate change — Grist

Biden Announces $2 Trillion Climate Plan
Joe Biden’s plan connects tackling climate change with the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis, while also addressing racism. The proposal drew praise from his onetime critics. — NYT

Joe Biden unveils aggressive $2tn
climate and jobs plan

Proposal outlines $2tn for clean energy infrastructure and climate solutions, to be spent as quickly as possible in next four years
— The Guardian



NRDC is joining forces with The New Group, a New York-based theater company, to host FACING THE RISING TIDE — a digital series of readings and conversations about the climate crisis, environmental racism, and hope.

And we’d love for you to join us for these special online events
the week of July 20-24.
Get more information and register to attend this online series for free.

Facing the Climate Emergency
A Radical Self-Help Guide to Become the Hero Humanity Needs
By Margaret Klein Salamon,Clinical Psychologist & Founder of The Climate Mobilization

Burning Worlds

Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist
who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000
  1. Carbon dioxide:
    Nature’s tiny solar panels
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Galileo Fixes Everything
  4. A Silver Lining
  5. If You Don’t Like the Heat,
    Get Out of the Kitchen
  6. Rainfall, Evaporation and Desertification

This is a series I’m writing on climate change for our local monthly newspaper.
I wanted to go back to the basics of the science behind climate change. Nan

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