Brief filed in state logging lawsuit

On August 5, the Center for Sustainable Economy (CSE) and Save the Olympic Peninsula (STOP) filed the Opening Brief in their lawsuit challenging the WA State Board of Natural Resources’ (BNR’s) approval of two major timber sales without any prior analysis of the extent of greenhouse gas emissions and other climate-change-related impacts that those timber sales would have, and without consideration of reasonable, climate-smart alternatives such as variable density thinning or establishing forest carbon reserves to earn carbon revenues rather than timber revenues.

That brief, accessible here, is an indictment of how the BNR ignores, to the great detriment of our forests and BNR’s mission, the clear requirements of Washington law to consider greenhouse gas emissions and climate change prior to offering significant log sales.  Because the BNR’s activities both affect climate change and are affected by climate change, these failures of the BNR are especially damaging.

CSE and STOP, both 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations, are soliciting tax-deductible contributions to aid in this legal action–see links above.

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