Why Can’t I Have One of These???

And what, pray tell, are we waiting for??!?

And why can’t we have a plant building these in The Pacific NW?

And why not build them in Western WA?

And how large must the footprint be? Could a plant reside somewhere nearby?

I have no idea.

Well, except they are only available on preorder. Oh, and they are only going to be available in the EU. So, there is that…

But the shorter the supply line, the sooner we can get these babies out on the Great Ecotopian Highway!

So, I say, it’s never too soon to start agitating to bring the future of solar powered transportation home! And to whom might we direct our agitation, I ask?

Well, I’ll tell you all about that as our OCReport series on

The Washington State EV Coordinating Council


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