Earth Day Every Day — Challenge of 50s

What is the Challenge of 50s?

These are the pledged Challenges of 50s for the Earth Day 50th Anniversary:

We will be celebrating Earth’s bounty and steadfastness with 50 kale seedlings and 50 potato starts for Port Angeles eaters to plant in their yards and gardens for year-round eating.  These will be available Saturday, April 25 from 12-1 PM  at our Farm Fresh Food Bag pickup location at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church parking lot across from the library.  Jim and Karen Weaver, Wild Edge Farm, Port Angeles, 360-912-2219

At The Montessori Garden School west of Port Angeles we are planting 50 sunflowers for the bees, filling the hummingbird feeders and making banners to blow in the wind with love and all our best intentions for our Mother Earth.
Deb Kumpula

I have compiled an annotated list of Song Video Links for Earth Day 50! I am a Board Certified Music Therapist with a Master’s in Earth Culture & Spirituality and Director of Music at St Andrew’s Church in Port Angeles. 
Jim Couture

I will remove 50 square yards of ivy.
Ingrid Carmean

The Great Compost Challenge! Our goal was to have 50 Port Angeles residents sign up for weekly compost service with us by the end of April. We’re almost there!
SisterLand Farm

I will remove 25 invasive plants, and plant 25 natives.
Pam Wilder

I will tell 50 local teachers about Family Tips and Tricks for Celebrating Earth Day All Year Round.
Darlene Clemens

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center
Honoring the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day,
this exhibit features 50 abstract artworks that reference the natural world

$50 x 50 times, to candidates who care about climate change!
Ed Chadd

50 new nesting holes in a beautiful new 6” deep mason bee block…already installed, and the bees are going crazy!!!
Ron Hansen

I will plant 50 edible plants in my garden. They’ll look beautiful among my flowers.
Darlene Clemens

Walking 50 min each day of Earth Week….taking off in a different direction from home each day, and spend 50 min per week in the PAHS Garden as the garden languishes (except for Betsy) until school opens up again.
Mary Margaret Doherty and her friend Marilyn

We’re transplanting 50 native plants onto our property to honor Earth Day’s 50th anniversary and help restore soil health and bird habitats on our farm.

I pledge to pick up 50 pieces of litter. Reuse plastic bags (bread bags, produce bags) as gloves. Fran Mason

What is the Challenge of 50s?

Individuals, (virtual) groups or families are invited to choose an “Act of 50” that supports the healing of our Earth. For example:

  • Bike 50 miles during Earth Week
  • Plant 50 native plants or 50 edibles in your garden
  • Write 50 letters supporting Earth-worthy causes
  • Pick a candidate or organization championing the environment, and donate $50 or pledge to make 50 phone calls or write 50 postcards or send 50 texts for them
  • For more ideas, see: 11 actions for the planet during a pandemic

Think of the possibilities! Let your creativity run wild as you, your friends, neighbors and families explore the fun in becoming a Clallam County “Earth Hero!” This friendly competition has no cash prizes or shiny trophies, just the joy of engaging for a worthy cause — plus endless bragging rights, of course! 

If you’re inspired to join in the good-natured not-quite competition, submit your 50 Challenge pledge to to be included in the Challenge Participants list.   

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