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50 Annotated Music Videos

In Celebration of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day 2020

Annotated Playlist since 1970 (with YouTube links) by Jim Couture, MA, MT-BC

These are Earth Day songs of a different kind, not the usual environmental destruction songs – what humans have done to spoil our planet – but rather lyrics representing the shift in thought & practice since the first Earth Day that considers natural wonders as diverse, interdependent subjects rather than isolated objects. Included are Pop, Show, Folk and Religious genres.

Easy on the Ears

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350.org Crowd-sourced Music Video Project

Ahlay Blakely (The People’s Echo, 350 Seattle), 
Austin Smith (Video, 350 Seattle), 
David Solnit (Art.350.org


Song is feeling extraordinarily elemental right now more than ever. 

What are some of the oldest songs you can remember? Song is history: slavery, abolition, civil rights, fair wages, the American Indian Movement just to name a few. Songs are like tiny capsules of information that we send into the future, so that the coming generations can know what we were thinking, feeling, doing and how we were acting.

We are inviting you to participate in a simple, virtual musical project to continue to act together in times of technological social distancing. We want to creatively sing out together to protect our communities during this pandemic. Movements have always faced obstacles and creatively innovated to overcome them. This particular song is a part of a campaign called Stop The Money Pipeline – a national campaign launched in January 2020 to pressure J.P Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual and BlackRock to STOP FUNDING FOSSIL FUELS.

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