OCA signs group letter opposing Keystone XL pipeline

Measure fails by bare filibuster-proof margin

In the last hours of the debate over the Keystone XL pipeline bill in the U.S. Senate, a group of climate-activist organizations, including OCA, sent a letter urging opposition to KXL bill S2280.  It’s time to get over the paradigms, technologies, and excesses of the past, and to build the framework for a clean-energy future.  The Canadian Tar Sands simply aren’t worth it from any rational accounting.

In spite of election setbacks for climate action, leaders who want to be able to look their children and grandchildren straight in the eye have been stepping up to the plate, first with an historic climate-mitigation agreement between the U.S. and China, and now with the rejection of Keystone XL.  What happens in the next few years will be critical to our civilization’s future, so it is no time to crawl into a corner.  It’s time for action, not for whimpering in the face of Big Oil and Coal.

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