Hot Off the Wire – 1/6/2018

Take action

Regional Action

Join the next 350 Local Group 100% Renewables call
on Tuesday, January 8th, 5 pm PST

National Action

Tell Congress: We Demand New Action On Climate!

With environmental champions now a majority in the
House of Representatives, a new, greener Congress
is now in session – via NRDC

2019 Greenpeace Action Camp Application
by Monday January 7th

Earth Activist Training

Courses in permaculture,
earth-based spirituality, organizing
and activism with Starhawk and friends

Ask your member of Congress to co-sponsor H.R.1, the For The People Act – via The Sierra Club

Are you ready for a Green way to bank?
The Apiration Summit Account

Tell the EPA: Stop Trump’s rollback of Mercury Standards
via NRDC

You can register to join monthly calls in 2019

Climate News

Local/Regional News

National/International News

Why the Climate Change Message Isn’t Working

Members of the Horace Fire department, the North Dakota National Guard and volunteers help to sandbag a retention pond to keep flood water from the water treatment facility near Horace, North Dakota on March 28, 2009.

Threats of global catastrophe won’t move people to action.
Only the heart can inspire zeal

Democrats debate how to face “the existential threat of our time” – via Axios

How we can combat climate change
via The Washington Post

Our Children’s Trust Press Releases


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