Hot Off the Wire — 1/3/2020


The Conversion of a Climate-Change Skeptic — The New York Times

A revealing forum discussing what we can all do together.

Debatable — The New York Times, January 3, 2020
Lead with values, not facts
Or is trying to convince climate change deniers a waste of time?

2018: The Wake-Up Call

Podcast year in review
December 20, 2019


Week 6: Get familiar with your local recycling and composting options and guidelines.
Take part: Jan. 5–11, 2020

Why I’m resisting Trump
and the oil industry today

Where’s Your 2020 Candidate on Climate?

How Supermarkets Ranked on Plastics

Our Favorite Greenpeace Videos of 2019

Regional Actions

We are standing for mother Earth and humanity, especially for the youth inheriting this future.

Join us on #FridaysForFuture
Noon to 1:00 at the Port Angeles downtown fountain

Sign up to host a 2020 launch party

and be one of the first to watch “Our Plan to Win the Green New Deal” films on January 29!

National Actions

Sign the petition: Demand Congress investigate Bernhardt for misusing public office — Climate Hawks Vote

It’s official: Australia just had a year
that was 1.5 degrees C hotter
than its long term average.

Local/Regional News

Ten years after’s first global day of action, we celebrate our wins, reflect on lessons learned, and look to the fights ahead.

National/International News

Three steps to meeting the climate and nature emergency — The Telegraph

Consumption: our appetite for resources threatens the survival of species
Credit: Getty

Watch the ten-episode Brazilian TV thriller that shows the dramatic struggle to save and preserve the Amazon rainforest

What’s Up with Banking and Climate

“This Country Is a Tinderbox”: Australia Braces for More Devastation as Gov’t Denies Climate Crisis — Democracy Now video

The New York Times

One thing you can do:
Make your New Year’s resolution count

Top 10 People-Powered Moments of 2019

Climate in Politics


Cartoon: Ignoring the warnings
— Daily Kos

Burning Worlds

Writing about art and climate change

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