Hot Off the Wire — 4/03/2020

Flu Virus Resources

It’s for your own good.
You have to stop touching your face.


Letters to the Editor | Bill Moyers editor
The Sleep of Reason — March 8, 2017

In our inaugural “letters to the editor,” Bill hears from a historian about the greatest horror to emerge from Trump’s actions thus far.

A Historian Speaks to the Current Moment — March 14, 2020
The wolves at the door


Week 19: Leave washable cutlery and tableware at work for greener lunches
Take part: April 5–11, 2020

Regional Actions

in Port Angeles is suspending gatherings until further notice.
We will be ramping-up our #DigitalStrike efforts.

Greta Thunberg urges ‘#DigitalStrikeOnline
rather than big crowds amid coronavirus outbreak

It is time to weigh in on the proposed Chehalis River Dam!
Please register today for the online public hearings April 2 and April 21

National Actions

Trump and Wheeler are exploiting this pandemic to make toxic pollution legal. Tell them this is unacceptable. — Sierra Club

Build your skills of virtual legislative lobbying
Join a webinar on Tuesday, March 31 at 5 pm PT

Local/Regional News

Coronavirus and Cascadia

National/International News

Key readings about climate change and coronavirus

Writers and reporters offer insights on the comparisons between two urgent global problems — Yale Climate Connections

Coronavirus Halts Street Protests, but Climate Activists Have a Plan
— New York Times

Social Community Series Webinars — Strike With Us

The New York Times

Interview with magazine editor and filmmaker Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee
— Burning Worlds | New York Times

Climate Voters Still Want More From Biden — New York Times

Judge Orders Environmental Review Of Controversial Dakota Access Pipeline — National Public Radio

Will you join me right now and urge Congress to oppose a bailout to the cruise industry? —

Climate in Politics

Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks Find Opposition Within:
Staff Scientists

Federal scientists and lawyers, told to undo regulations that some have worked on for decades, have embedded data into technical documents that environmental lawyers are using to challenge the rollbacks.


Nan Bray is an oceanographer and climate scientist
who has farmed superfine merinos near Oatlands since 2000
  1. Carbon dioxide:
    Nature’s tiny solar panels
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Galileo Fixes Everything

This is a series I’m writing on climate change for our local monthly newspaper. I wanted to go back to the basics of the science behind climate change.
I’ll post them in coming Yarns.
Cheers, Nan

Burning Worlds

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